Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Different Kind of Quilt

For some of us, not everything we make is going to be fabulous. And that's okay. I love it when I'm working on something that feels fresh and new--so exciting and rewarding on a personal level! But then there are times that my mission is different, such as with this quilt. 
6 out of 12 blocks with coping strips added
I'm not a quilter that likes to make quilts for other people if there are strings attached, colors chosen and special patterns required. It makes me feel tired and cranky, maybe even bored with the process. Now, if it's entirely my idea to be doing the making and/or giving? I can absolutely (and cheerfully) work within a much more narrow range of elements than I'd normally be comfortable with.
Working on the other 6 blocks
And why not? It actually becomes a challenge of sorts, which is the first step to pulling me in. How much of my old stash can I dig up and incorporate into this quilt? Woohoo! That's always a bonus. Is there any way to make people notice the quilt first, bears/deer & wolves second? lol I can only try. Can I make something that will be warm, cozy and inviting enough to curl up on a couch with? That would be success.*wink
Squaring the blocks up
Sewing with a stack of blocks made from other quilters is also a big challenge because the finished sizes are all over the place. One of the easiest ways to deal with that is to add a coping strip onto each block. {A large one.} And then cut them all down to size. I usually clear the ironing board etc. off of my large cutting mat. Much easier to mark my reference points and get to squaring things up. In this quilt, the finished size of my blocks with added coping strips will be 16". I like even numbers. So much easier to work with for a pieced sashing.
Cutting the green fabric into strips for sashing
Which will be made out of alternating green and red strips of fabric--kind of a string quilt look. Haven't got the red strips cut out yet, but that will come soon enough. One little thing at a time in these crazy, chaotic days of mine!


  1. I know what you mean I rarely ever make a quilt for someone where they choose the colors style ect., the last I did was a signature quilt with photos too for my niece for her wedding - not my idea, not my colors, not my thing, but I did it and I was glad when it was finished and I could get back to my own stuff!!

  2. I love it when someone asks me to make a quilt and then lets me have free reign over the color and design. There is some give and take of course, but I've been doing it long enough to know when the 'relationship' is not going to work. Way back, when I was a newbie quilter, I was so flattered and excited to be asked to make a quilt by a friend of a friend. Had I known that the fabrics I agreed to use were Laura Ashley home dec fabrics, I would have hit the ground running. A huge naive mistake and one that I never made again. Take care, Pam

  3. Have fun adding your magic to this project.

  4. yes indeed, thank goodness for coping strips~!

    my daughter and i are currently putting some ideas together for a special quilt for her and her soon to be husband. it has gone remarkably well although we are still in the colors, designs, fabrics stage of things . . .


  5. I agree. And I just finished making 100 blocks for a new project, tons of green strips. All from my stash so I feel very thrifty :). Good luck with the quilt.

  6. Looks like you're going to make those blocks work after all.

  7. You are doing a fantastic job with these blocks! I am sure it will turn out to be a cozy quilt even if it has deer, bears, and wolves in it!

  8. You're doing so well so far ... can't wait to see how it finishes up. I know what you mean about preferring to have free reign on design when making a quilt for someone else. ;-) I'm working on a quilt right now ... for my daughter, who's chosen the fabrics and pattern. Both of which are far, far removed from my personal taste. I'm enjoying the process so far (it is quilting, after all!) ... but not anywhere close to what I'd be enjoying if I had the freedom to choose. But I don't tell my daughter this for fear that she'll be sorry that she asked.

  9. Sometimes it's nice to work on a project with few decisions needed in the process. You get to enjoy the results with little drama. ;-)

  10. My thoughts are - if you ask a quilter to make a quilt and insist on a specific design, fabric and colours it is like asking an artist to paint a picture from someone else's imagination! ;)

  11. Your words resonated with me because I also like to just go wherever the ideas lead and not have strings attached unless they are of my own making. Guess we are just independent thinkers. :))


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