Monday, April 21, 2014

Just a Little Stitching

Such a slacker this weekend, except for the fact that we went to a family wedding and thoroughly enjoyed the Easter holiday as well! When it comes to quilting however, all I managed was a very, little bit of stitching. 
Spring Forward
I finished up the brown border and then moved into the flying geese border, but really, we're talking minimal effort here. I wish the pictures would show how wonderful the pink stitching is actually looking on that brown border but the dark color just sucks all the light away from the stitching in the pictures. While I'm working on the quilt, the big pink stitches catch the light all the time and just make me smile! So glad I came up with that simple flower design too--very sweet.
Spring Forward stitching
Maybe you can see the design better in the pencil sketching format? Always fun to play with the pictures in Picasa even if I don't know what I'm doing. 

My hoop is getting more and more pathetic looking, isn't it? It was one of the best gifts I have ever been given, so I've been reluctant to give it up for a newer model. It's starting to pop off the quilt sandwich occasionally if I don't set it just right too, which means it's almost getting to be more trouble than it's worth. I've thought about boxing it up (along with a finished quilt) and sending it back to the friend who gave it to me so many years ago. lol I wonder what she would think about the fact that I took her little hint to keep hand quilting and turned it into an obsession of sorts.....


  1. How great is the pencil drawing for showing the quilting lines.I like the designs your are using. It's so funny about your hoop- I have a round one that pops off and I've been looking at your photos thinking I should get one like yours. What a great gift your friend gave you.

  2. Great quilting Audrey! a clever use of Picasa - haven't tried that feature yet but I do like Picasa for improving my photos.

  3. Hello Audrey,

    Love that pink flower in the quilt. You must treat yourself to another hoop, at least this way you will have some spare parts.

    Happy quilting.

  4. Your quilting is looking really good! Very cute flower design too! Pencil drawing in Picasa? I will have to check that out.

  5. Sounds like it might be time to treat yourself to a newer hoop, especially if it keeps slipping. If you have to keep adjusting it, think of the time you're using that you could have been stitching. :0)

  6. Lovely quilt and quilting. Would a close up shot show the pink stitching off better? You've inspired me to try out more on picasa too. And I definately think you deserve a new quilting hoop - go on treat yourself;)

  7. That's a great picture format. I love how your stitches are making you smile - a true hand quilter obsessive!!

  8. Picasa is fun to play with. Your quilt is looking lovely!

  9. You're so clever- I would never have thought to put the picture in a different format so the stitching could be seen more easily.

    It's looking lovely!

  10. It looks pretty and the pencil sketch helps, yes. I use picasa seems that many bloggers use picmonkey but I am so used to picasa that I just stick to that ! :)


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