Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Woodsy Block and the Traveling Stash

I got my woodsy block done and sent off to Scott at Blue Nickel Studios yesterday. There was some anxiety and fear that he will hate the style and possibly even the older background fabric. And then I thought, 'hey, it's a gift'. In the end, I couldn't separate the two trees because they looked like they belonged together!
8 1/2" Woodsy block
I also received the Traveling Stash from Em's Scrapbag! I've been soooo curious about these for the last couple years. Basically it's like having a mini quilting yard-sale delivered right to your mailbox!
What was in the box....
 Lots of goodies to choose from. It was hard to make a decision about what to keep!
My haul...
Even harder to figure out what to put in the box in exchange! I finally settled on this: 1 small bag of quilting labels, a box of tan Rit dye, 2 pkg. of John James needles, 50+ flying geese parts (the same ones from the Woodsy block), a fall fabric panel, various fat quarters, 2 half yard pcs. of fabric and then I threw in my 'Stir Crazy' pattern book from Buggy Barn just because it seemed like a good idea.*wink
What went back in in the box in exchange....
Whew! Now I'm ready for someone to take this off of my hands. Please, please please say you will! I'll pick a winner from the comments in about two days. You must have a blog and also a U.S. address in order to win the Traveling Stash. 


  1. That is such a great woodsy block, I love the curving trunk . A travelling stash is such a fun idea , it's been ages since I last saw it pop up.

  2. That is a fun block! If he doesn't like it, he can send it to me. :) I would love a chance to play with the traveling stash, especially after the lovelies that you added! Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. Traveling Stash... what a fun idea! I'd never heard of it before. I'll throw my name in the hat!

    I think your Woodland Trees block is perfect.

  4. I love your woodsy block and Scott will love it too! Very intrigued by the Traveling Stash - count me in . . . Take care, Byrd

  5. Woodsy block is great...looking forward to seeing all the blocks he receives...the Travelling Box would be fun...I've picked out what I'd snag already...but don't put my name in please...I already have way too much!

  6. i like your tree blocks very much and i bet he's going to enjoy them too.
    hhmmmm . . . the traveling stash is new too me. looks interesting and i suppose you will tell us the 'rules' if we happen to win?
    i think i might like to participate . . . or am i just curious? yes, please, count me in.


  7. I love your tree blocks. I can see a whole quilt done with them.

    I would love to participate in the traveling stash. It sounds like a lot of fun. Hugs

  8. I'll bet that Scott will love that block--unique, whimsical and sure to please.
    The traveling stash looks like it would be a hoot to receive and open, and then decide what to add after "shopping." I'm curious-- is the box heavy? and how expensive to mail? I know the cost isn't the thing. It's all about the fun of participating. But my inquiring mind is curious.

  9. Cute block - how could he not love it! No travelling stash for me. :(

  10. The Woodsy block look great Audrey -Im sure it will be adored!

    :( at times like this I wish I lived in the US!

  11. your folky trees are so fun!
    I've never heard of the traveling stash, sounds like fun. count me in!


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