Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prep, Prep, Prep

So much prep just to get started sometimes! I have been wanting to make another subdued looking applique centerpiece and the fabric I got from Ellen was the perfect spark to get going.
Muddy Creek prep
I love the purpley browns especially--so very wonderful to me. I drew up a basic plan to figure out how many leaves I need etc. and then cut rotary cut rectangles. I cut the leaves out (freehand) from those rectangles, skipping the tracing step completely! Love that, but now I need to go back and trim up my leaves because some of them aren't the exact shape I want--working on auto-pilot will do that to you!
Cutting the leaves
I still can't believe I cut the linen out of the backs of my Happy Flowers. Talk about working on auto-pilot. It took me a little while to get all the fray check on the edges of the linen, but I do think it's going to work out better in the long run. As you can see, I also zigzagged the edges of the block, so it's official now. I don't like the extra steps, the extra thinking things through, being careful etc. Mixing linen and quilting is not my thing, no matter how pretty and supple this fabric feels to me!
Adding fray check to the linen
I've also started cutting out Dresden wedges for my Flying Geese and Flowers quilt. The Dresden block is so timeless, it almost seems crazy to use it in this particular quilt! Oh well, I'm hoping to make them out of this stack of scrappy pinks and that way they will look kinda fun and give the quilt a little extra 'pop' of color too. My red, white and blue quilt has definitely morphed into something a little different!
Cutting out my Dresden wedges
I do love making things as scrappy as possible, adding in the maximum amount of different fabrics I think a quilt will allow. It really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to dig to the bottom of my totes, find fabric that has never played well, and then give it a good place in one of my quilts. Scrappy quilting just seems to lend itself well to disguising older, less exciting fabrics if you're willing to make the effort. And I am, because it's just that charming mix of old and new that I love the most about quilts!


  1. Prep work can be tedious but well worth the effort. You have some lovely projects in the works

  2. All that prep is worth it when you can sit down and just sew, sew, sew. I agree with your ideas about scrappy quilts, they have so much more depth and character than something churned out from one range (although those quilts do have their place too).

  3. prep work is tedious isn't it - I love when I can just sit down and sew

  4. que organizada estas !!!
    me gusta planificar el trabajo y tenerlo todo
    bien pensado, aunque algunas veces´
    rectificar mejora los resultados
    "ahora ya se puede sentar a coser"

  5. Prepping is not always the fun part but it is something that needs to be done. I am looking forward to seeing your next creation come together.

    So glad you were able to find a solution to the linen issues. I have learned through your experience that I don't want to work with linen!

  6. This looks very interesting . Can't wait to see more.

  7. I am with you on the scrappyness of quilts, the more different fabrics the better. Definitely a theme in all of my quilts. It just doesn't make sense to me otherwise, I'd get bored. Look forward to seeing the stage after prepping!

  8. I, too, agree about the scrappiness in quilts! That's one reason I collect so many/different fabrics. I love antique quilts and looking at the range of fabrics in them. All those scrappy fabrics make me happy.

    Prep work can sure be a drag, but worth it in the long run. Nothing worse than having to stop stitching and prep more stuff!

    Thanks for the info on the linen. IF I ever applique on linen, I will not cut out the back. And linen looks so pretty. I have a piece of blue linen I was saving for the background of applique, and now I'm re-thinking that. Yikes!

  9. Prepping is one of the least exciting bits of the process but without it you just cant move forward!

  10. Those purply browns are gorgeous, so rich and cosy!! Did you cut the backs out of your linen so your blocks would lay flatter or so it would be easier to quilt? I wouldn't have thought of cutting the backs out. I don't mind prepping if I'm in the right mood, it just needs the right music or an interesting podcast to listen to.

  11. I am loving the colors in your current projects

  12. Love the colours and fabrics- browns and pinks in antique tones - lovely!

  13. I have never used linen in making a quilt. I can see where it would require some care in handling. Fray check a good idea.

  14. I never thought that you may need to finish the edges of a linen applique block. Good to know! I am stitching BFF on linen, but I don't cut it until it's ready to be pieced.

    Nevertheless, it looks fabulous, so it's all worth it. And linen wears like iron, so that will be nice too!

  15. You will be so glad to have the chuck of prep work done! Then you can just grabd and go. Well done!! I always enjoy seeing your fabric selections - always great.
    Thank you for sharing!!


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