Friday, November 22, 2013

More on the St. Paul Blocks

Progress is being made on the St. Paul blocks! I decided to give chain piecing a go with these blocks as that always works up very quickly, piecing them in the diagonal segments first. I will fuss with the set-in seams at the end. ha ha That's me, saving the best for last.
St. Paul block progress
It took some time, but really, this part is going together very well. I always have to wonder about my color scheme while I'm in the (sewing) moment, but really, how could I not love my antique looking cream/black print? And oldish looking blues with orange, old golds and cheddar? Yum. A quilt with these colors has been on my list for years and years.
More piecing progress!
It's funny how you don't even know something exists and then once you realize, you see it everywhere. I was browsing through Quilter the other day and stumbled on this post. She calls this block the 'Lady of the Lake' block and references another old name it's known by as 'Galahad's Shield'. Like I said in a previous post, I found my pattern in an old quilt book, but you can also find it online at Quilters Cache. They suggest paper piecing it over there which of course I always avoid like the plague.*wink
The old ironing board cover
On a completely different note, I finally decided enough was enough. Time to do something about my nasty ironing board cover which seemed to be getting worse every second of the day. In my defense, I've been looking for a plain old muslin ironing board cover for months. And no, I didn't want to spend my precious quilting time sewing one. Do I seem that ambitious? lol
The new improved ironing board cover
Nor did I want a flashy ironing board cover either! Plain Jane suits me just fine when it comes to things like this. So very convenient to find this one at Crate & Barrel with free shipping. Not muslin, but still kinda vintage looking in it's own way. Now why didn't I think to look on the Net in the first place is what I want to know?


  1. I also avoid paper piecing like the plague. Love the colors and fabric you are using. It's going to be gorgeous.

  2. thank you so much for sharing that ironing board cover!! I just ordered one for my little board and one for my big board!! I had made a small one for my little board but made a mistake in the kind of bright flashy print that I used - tie dyed batik - if I use a water bottle sprayer I get some bleed now and then onto my fabric! I have had to be so very careful to the point of putting a towel under it and I have been too lazy to make another one. I too do not care for paper piecing but I do it now and then

  3. me alegra ver que no le gusta el papel para juntar piezas,
    he llegado a pensar que soy muy rara, por que no me gusta nada, nada
    los colores me gustan, sera un gran trabajo
    buen fin de semana.

  4. la tabla de plancha esta muy bien !!!

  5. Can't wait to see what these blocks look like. Cute cover !

  6. I think the fabrics you are using for your blocks are just wonderful!

  7. Lovely fabrics! And paperpiecing... did 2 workshops on that, found it no fun at all, never say never, but so far a no-no for me.

  8. Our squeamishness as paper piecing...just another thing we have in common! Love the blocks and fabric choices, looking forward to the progress!

  9. I paper pieced with my machine once - I'll probably never attempt it again since Im still in therapy talking about the experience.

    Love your new ironing board cover. I pretty much buy a new one every year - it's one of my shopping highlights. Honestly ? How do those things get so grubby?

  10. It's so true that you think of something and then it starts popping up everywhere. You're making great progress with your blocks. It's fun getting a new ironing board cover isn't it, I searched for a plain one in shops and ended getting a great one online, I'm like you in that I didn't want to spend precious sewing time making one. :)


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