Saturday, November 9, 2013

Giving a Quilt Away

I think it's healthy to give some of our quilts away. There are years that I give less away than others 'cuz basically I'm a selfish person and want to keep them all to myself! Some quilts start out being made specifically for a certain person and other quilts kind of evolve into being someone else's quilt whether I intend for that to happen or not.*wink
My fall throw--
Bloom Where You Are Planted
This quilt quickly became someone else's quilt. The more I worked on it, the more I realized that it needed to go live somewhere else and nothing else would do for it. I think for me, it's like spreading a little love and appreciation around with those that I care about so usually I can come to terms with a quilt that's determined to ditch me. It's a balance though. I rarely give away a quilt that has seen hundreds of hours of detailed work. Once, years ago, I saw a quilt I had gifted laying on the floor for the dogs bedding. A favored dog for sure, but still, what a lesson. Once a quilt has been gifted, It's. Not. Ours. Anymore.
Perle Cotton around the applique
So that's why I tend to machine quilt the ones I give away--a few less hours involved in the making. I'm trying to get better at that and I've definitely discovered the joys of avoiding crossing over previously stitched areas. Umm... yeah, it's seems to help me eliminate the unsightly puckered look! lol
It finished up approx. 50" x 65"
I had a goal in mind to finish this quilt by Thanksgiving and then, well.., things changed. I decided to put a rush on things. Which turned out to be a good decision. I made it, I gave it and I cried. Quilts and friendships are a complicated thing, aren't they....


  1. That they are! I have known the pain of seeing a quilt I gifted used in a not so happy way. I am learning to give without strings or reservations. Your quilt is beautiful and I am sure it will be loved.

  2. I have learned the hard way too that a lot of the times it is probably better to machine quilt the ones you give away - people do not always appreciate the time (nor talent :) ) involved in making a quilt - hand quilted -- this past year I have been practicing machine quilting and that will probably be the way I do the quilts that I give away. That sure is one nice quilt that you did!!

  3. tu trabajo es muy bonito!!! seguro que sera muy querido,
    aunque yo también he sufrido al regalar uno y ver como antes de irme de la casa donde lo deje ya estaba en el suelo y eso que seria para un bebe que iba a nacer, me fui llorando y luego mi hermana se enfado conmigo, ella me decía no lo des que sufrirás
    en fin no siempre es así, amis amigas cuando tienen un nieto siempre les hago uno y lo aprecian y lo quieren

  4. You are a very generous person! I agree, quilts and friendships can be very complex.
    For what it's worth, dogs are as dear as children to some.

  5. Giving quilts away is one of the BEST things about quilting! Sometimes it IS hard to part with them though..... ;)

  6. Pretty much all non-quilters haven't a clue as to a) cost and b) time involved in the making of a quilt. That is why it is so hard to put a realistic price on a quilt. You look at the price and you gasp, but then you realise what it took to make it. Well done. It is a beautiful quilt.

  7. Giving a quilt away is hard to do, but I have found that the feeling of giving a quilt that I want to keep is quite incredible. Mind you, I am fairly particular about who gets them too!

  8. I love this quilt - and loved your story even more!! Blessings to you!!

  9. I give many of my quilts, only to beloved people, to someone who fall in love with, and hope it will be well used. I have a nice SIL who choose in the stack a Bonnie Hunter's bedquilt professionaly quilted ($$$) like it was a simple bedspread...Hum !

  10. LUcky someone who got your quilt. It is so beautiful. I love those stars and the colors are gorgeous. After a few years I am still new in quiltmaking . I only made a few small ones, thinking about making a
    bigger one but haven't getten to it yet. lol.
    It sure is difficult to art from something you put your hard in but a wonderful gift it is.
    Have a nice week.

  11. What a wonderful quilt! I'm sure that I would not have been able to part with it!
    When you quilted it, did you put on blue painter's masking tape to mark those long diagonals? I have heard of doing that but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This quilt is so lovely, the recipient is a lucky person indeed! The relationships we develop with these quilts are tricky, aren't they? I like the way you explained true. Have a wonderful day Audrey!

  13. Im sure the giftee of your latest quilt loved it.

    I almost always start a quilt with a recipient in mind. I generally keep only 1 or 2 quilts a year that I make and give the rest away. I love to think of other people getting pleasure from being wrapped up in something I created.
    However I have made quilts for people and then wanted to keep them myself . Ive managed not to do that yet ....but Im sure the time will come.

    I’d be horrified to see a quilt I made used as a dog blanket (unless it was specifically made for that purpose! )

  14. I understand once I start making a quilt and if I love it its not leaving the house, lucky for me though I can pretty much make the decision to part with it early on and I just keep sewing knowing someone will be using this quilt to keep warm and cozy.
    your right you have to separate yourself from the quilt and no longer see it as yours , its easier to part with then.

  15. Great post. 'Evolve' is an important word for all of us. Things change and it's a good idea to remember that. I've shed one or two tears when handing off a quilt too. Take care, Byrd

  16. I love this quilt you've recently gifted.The flowers in the centers of the stars are really fun. I learnt early on that when you give a quilt it's theirs to do with as they like. A quilt I worked really hard on was liked better for the backing, but the thing was the recipient loved it and still has it on their bed 4 years laters, still backing side up.

  17. I'm basically selfish too, and I have a hard time giving away quilts, UNLESS I specifically make it with the idea of giving it to someone. Then it's not hard. But I had to get to a certain level of competency before I would give one away. Yes, friendships and giving quilts are both very complicated. I knew when I gave one to a certain person that it most probably would end up with the dog using it. And I came to terms with that. Yes, when we give a quilt, we can't leave any strings attached!

    You made a beautiful quilt and I'm sure the recipient will treasure it. Good for you!

  18. Sweet post. It's such a pretty quilt, I know it will be loved.


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