Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Little Progress and a Couple New Starts

Still working on the pickle dish/wedding ring arcs here and there. I try to remember and change out my needle after I'm done because the paper dulls it so quickly. (I do re-use the needle for the paper piecing though in case you were wondering.)
More yummy arcs
I seem to be in the mood for starting projects so I decided to just roll with it. I'm back to playing with my very light gray fabrics again. We'll see if I can make anything interesting from this fabric!
Geese tracks pieces
I cut out some smaller geese track blocks thinking they will make a good centerpiece for an applique quilt I am trying to get figured out. Only for about six months now! Occasionally I am a class A ditherer. Before I ever cut into fabric for a new project I will have fabric in and out of stacks and numerous papers scribbled over with plain old gibberish. You just don't see that because it's all behind the scenes.*wink
Some treasured fabrics
What helped me jump into the geese tracks/applique project was when I remembered the small bag of my grandmas fabric that I have stashed away for 'special' projects. Adding the green and red fabric into the mix finally made everything 'click' for me and I felt that prickling sensation of pure delight in my fabric combinations! I think it really helped sharpen the blend of fabric I was already auditioning and of course--grandmas fabrics? Always very sentimental and special anyway.
Rolling Stone block progress
Then because cutting out fabric is so much fun--NOT! I decided to quit agonizing over how to do the rolling stone blocks for my Scrap Basket and just do it. The background color was giving me fits and I. Could. Not. Decide. Until I did, at about 12:30 one night (very early morning) just before I fell asleep. lol Like I said, I'm just gonna roll with it....


  1. I always find cutting fabric quite exciting...maybe Im just contrary because I know most people hate that part of a project.

    Teeny tiny geese bits...such pretty fabrics.

  2. a mi me gusta empezar acortar las telas de un nuevo proyecto,
    y como emociona planificar y organizar las telas,
    jugar con los cambios de color , me fascina
    disfruta de tu trabajo y deseando que lo compartas
    saludos, Belarmina

  3. Love reading about your quilting adventures! the quilts too. ;)

  4. I was overthinking my jubilee quilt and would never have moved forward with it until I just decided to do it. You know what? Its only a quilt and it isn't a big deal if it really doesn't turn out. WE will probably learn from it either way.
    I'm sure it will be lovely!

  5. How wonderful to have the right project to use your grandmothers fabrics in. And great to see you're still working on your arcs.

  6. Your pickledish/wedding ring arcs are great. Personally, I dislike cutting fabric with a rotary cutter, but love it with a pair of scissors. Love that feel of a really sharp pair of scirrors slicing through the fabric....Isn't that weird?

  7. I am anxious to see progress on your wedding ring blocks. Just to see what things look like when you star to put things all together. I like the colors you are using for it.

  8. cutting fabric is not a favorite of mine either and sometimes if you feel the need to create you just have to go with it! I fell that I should control myself but sometimes I just can't and start making "too" many things once again LOL

  9. Looks like you jumped in. Good for you. Have FUN!

  10. How lovely that you can use your grandma's fabrics! Enjoy!


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