Friday, September 27, 2013

More Paper Piecing

Just a quick post before the day gets away from me. I wanted to show PROOF that I'm still slogging away at these arcs--wedding ring, pickle dish, whatever they are!
More finished arcs!
Believe it or not, I am almost at the halfway point. Yay for me! I have slipped past the part of feeling intense irritation with having to do paper piecing in the first place and now I've reached a much scarier phase--contemplation about what it would actually take to make a New York beauty quilt. You know, how I could break it down into doable. (And I'm kinda wondering if this is still 'I'm so glad to be home and in the quilt room that I don't care what I'm doing?') Uh huh, this would definitely be called insanity in any other language. Quick, somebody go hide the Karen Stone book!


  1. They are coming along quite nicely and nearly half are doing a great job!

  2. I love your fans, whatever you end up doing with them.

  3. Yay for you. And you should so a NYB!!!

  4. YAY! More than half way. Best to push on and get these babies finished !

    They really are lovely. You're doing a brilliant job and its going to look fabulous when it's a quilt.

  5. Woohoo, That halfway point is such a landmark. The part of paper piecing that makes me wonder why I do it is ripping the paper out, that drives me crazy. It's always worth it in the end though. I'm loving your arcs, such beautiful rich colours.

  6. New York Beauty quilts are stunning, I love them. I have Karen Stone's book and I couldn't resist buying Beauty Secrets 150 Years of history in one quilt pattern by Bill Volckening. He has such an amazing collection of New York Beauty quilts!
    Well done with your 'pickle dish' sewing.

  7. I like the blues and browns together.


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