Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wow, Where Has the Week Went to?

It's been a long couple days starting with my computer crashing on Thursday morning. Yeah, I was not a happy camper about that. I've had to practically beg for time on the laptop just to check my email! Thankfully it was an easy fix and I was able to get my computer back from repairs this afternoon! So ironic, when we've been expecting the kid's computer to crash for almost a year.
A small sliver of goodness....
Anyway, like you'd expect, it freed me up from procrastination in the quilt room and I've actually got an amazing amount done on the baby quilt.  I couldn't resist and just had to show you a sliver of what I'm working on! My sister does not think she is picky, but I know her too well and it has resulted in so much frustration for me.  I know she does not like red, or most yellows, or a lot of orange and the quilt needs to be gender neutral, and well, finally I just did want I wanted to do with what I had in the stash. Ha! I wish. I also bought one charm pack and a half yard of border fabric because everything I had was totally ruining the look of 'light, bright and happy' that I was trying for.  Because of the charm pack, I also broke my rule of only using 2 of the same prints (different colors) in the same quilt. Waaah. You have NO idea what a relief it is to have the quilt top ready to be sandwiched and quilted. lol
Quilting Disks
On another happy note, I also received my winnings from Anita at Bloomin' Workshop! It is a set of quilting disks for free motion quilting called 'Grip and Stitch' from Clever Craft Tools. Very much a mixed blessing as I do not feel at all ready for free motion quilting, but on the other hand, I have a new walking foot that needs some exercise.  My son mentioned that he'd be willing to take a quilt back to college with him when he leaves this fall so next up will probably be the Scrap Attack Log Cabin quilt. He's very generous to be willing to take another quilt off my hands, don't you think?*wink


  1. That's a great sneak peek of quilty goodness. Your sister wont be picky about that quilt. I've never heard of quilting discs before. They look fun!

  2. I have never heard of those "gripper" type of things for machine quilting, well be interested in hearing what you think of them. I really need to get a quilt ready for the machine again to try - I keep putting it off as I like hand quilting so much more but really feel like I need to learn machine quilting so I can make progress in the stack!
    cute quilt from what I can see - sister's can be very picky can't they LOL

  3. I agree, this week flew by!! Let me know how you like the grippers! Hope your FM goes well!! The little sliver looks adorable!! Can't wait to see the whole quilt!! Glad the computer was easily fixed!! Have a great week!


  4. Computer issues are the bane of my life...I have recently had computer problems at home and at work!
    It is a good feeling to have a project nearly completed, your sliver photo does look bright & happy. I also need to finish piecing a quilt for my son, as he recently said his single bed quilt which he was given when he was in his early teens is not very suitable now that he is 25yrs old and sleeps in a queen size bed!

  5. the sliver is beautiful~!!~
    i want to see more please.


  6. Love how all the different prints in the baby quilt blend together and create a soft palette and design.

  7. I love what I can see, Audrey, very light and cheery! It's hard making quilts for others. I decided on the baby quilts to just do I wanted. I don't want to spend time making a quilt that I don't like and not knowing if anyone else would like either.


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