Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Win and Some Progress on the Baby Quilt

Real quick, I just want to say how amazing it was to receive so many comments on my All Grayed Down quilt! Thank you to everyone that commented as it made me realize that other people can see the charm of that quilt too. It's a quilt that I seriously wondered if only 'a mama could love'. lol  It's almost impossible to see our own work through unbiased eyes isn't it?
Wall hanging kit
Yesterday I got this kit in the mail! It was pretty thrilling to get a package all the way from Australia, let me tell you! Kate from Empty Field blog had a little giveaway a few weeks ago and I won this very sweet Prairie Flowers wall hanging kit.  I can't connect to her blog right now, but hopefully she'll be back up soon as I very much enjoy following her blog and viewing her beautiful quilting progress.

I'm definitely making good progress on the baby quilt now. I've spent a lot of time with the walking foot the last couple days trying to make it all come out right.  Some of my lines are a little bit wobbly (esp. where I stitched in the ditch) but I do think I'm improving slightly. Fingers crossed nobody will ever inspect the lines too closely.*wink  One of the things I most love about the modern quilting craze is the grid or straight line quilting and that's what I'm trying to learn first. I know it's very annoying to only see bits and pieces of a quilt, but after this coming weekend I should be able to show a full on picture of the quilt!
Baby quilt progress
Yay for me! I found a nice chunk of fabric for the binding hiding out in my totes. It's a reject piece that was given to me at least six years ago so it's especially fun to finally put it to good use. The very light green color is lovely and it works hard to pull the lightness of the quilt clear out through the borders. I ended up doing some big stitch quilting in the very center of the quilt too--probably too much as my finger is now feeling sore--but I think it adds another special dimension to the quilt.  Okay, time to get off the computer so the binding can get stitched down and this thing will be ready to go on a little journey this weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your win! looking forward to seeing that one made up;)
    This little quilt is going to be lovely and well done in your machine quilting learning. You are doing the right thing using the walking foot first - it is a wonderful invention!

  2. Good on you for giving machine quilting a go. Rest assured that anything that isn't perfect will be totally hidden as soon as that quilt gets its first wash.

    I think it looks wonderful!

  3. congrats on your win they are always fun to get. I really need to get one more of the tops out that I don't really think has to be hand quilted and give the machine another try. It won't be how I love it but it will be done.

  4. Congratulations on winning such a great prize! You've made that baby quilt so quickly!! The peeks you've shown so far look wonderful. Great to hear you found the perfect binding fabric waiting in your stash.


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