Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Been Pretty Busy Around Here

There's been a whole lot of this (teen-age late night snack attacks) going on the last several days with all the cousins in town and....
Just a little snack mom.....
not very much of this (below). Ahhh... I do so want to get back into my quilting room and get to work!  I have had loads of company over the last week with family and friends coming into town to celebrate a 50th anniversary party for some cousins of ours. Our house has been practically bursting at the seams. Wonderful event to be sure, but let me tell you, all of my towels and sheets got washed more than once before it was over. In fact, I'm still catching up with that and there's also a small concern of clean socks and underwear in some quarters. lol Priorities you know.
#2 in the 9-patch series
I did manage to get my #2 in the 9-patch series quilted and bound in time to give as a gift, but it was nip and tuck there for awhile!  I ended using the leftover dark brown fabric from the Vertical Basket Quilt for the binding which I worried was too dark? I also somehow managed to cut an important machine quilted thread and then had to do some last minute 'fix-its' (thank goodness I had saved the bobbin thread), plus I never did find time to get a proper picture.  Oh well.  I just threw it over something and snapped a few pictures just for posterity and called it good! I really like how it turned out overall.  Amazing how that happens when we're so unsure! Not completely thrilled about a couple of small puckers in the back--that NEVER happens with hand quilting, just saying!--but I think the combination of machine quilting and hand quilting worked out very well for this quilt. Hopefully this week I'll find time to get another quilt top in the hoop, but for right now, I'm just trying to catch my breath and maybe get caught up. Till next time!


  1. Your 9 patch quilt is absolutely beautiful.

    Time spent with family is always equal parts fabulous and stressful.

    PS. Im sure people can wash their own socks if they are really concerned about having clean ones.

  2. It's a lovely finish Audrey. Having visitors is fun......but hope you get back to the sewing room soon.

  3. Congratulations on your finish. It is pretty quilt and a lovely gift.
    Good luck getting back to the sewing room ;-)

  4. Visiting, and surely hosting, lots of family is so fun but so tiring! Enjoy your calm after the storm!
    You quilt is lovely. What a great gift!

  5. your #2 nine patch is beautiful. i'm sure that the receivers of it must be thrilled by such a generous gift.

    i hope that you feel caught up soon.


  6. Busy, busy! What a wonderful, cozy 9-patch quilt! Machinequilting will do that to you sometimes, never mind, those little booboo's make a quilt all the more endearing, I think.

  7. Is that a donut machine?! Yum!! Congratulations on getting your quilt finished and bound in time to give as a gift. It looks beautiful and the dark brown binding suits it perfectly.

  8. Great finish - it looks so comfy and inviting. I am sure the recipient will love using it!

  9. Gorgeous quilt. There you go with that light blue sashing again... I love it!

    Nothing like house guests to disrupt one's quilting. What fun, though.. and you still managed to get a lot done.

  10. Looks great, Audrey! For some reason I am hypnotized by that green and cream circle near the top of the photo. Maybe it is telling me to get over my fear of circles!


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