Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Sampler QAL Blocks and More Pickle Dish Progress

I always seem to get behind with my Random Sampler QAL blocks. They're so easy that when I do finally get to them, I'm left kind of scratching my head and wondering why I keep putting them off all the time?
Random Sampler QAL blocks
I'm not happy with the heart block at all, just so you know.  Somehow I managed to pin it well enough to get it all sewed together, but there's some stretching that makes it looks terrible.  I do see that and yes, I may have to redo it, but for now I'm calling it good.  Mostly because it's done and that relieves my slacker guilt. We'll work on the perfectionist guilt later.*wink
2 more Pickle Dish sets
Last week I got a lot of encouragement to keep on 'keeping on' with the Pickle Dish quilt. I am taking the very good advice to move the iron closer to my sewing station at least while I'm foundation piecing.  Chain piecing kind of spoils you to doing the ironing in big chunks and that is pretty tough to do with foundation piecing. Also, there was a comment with a very interesting link about foundation piecing if anyone wants to pursue that.  All of my fan pieces have been generously pre-cut for this particular project so for right now I think it's just a mental block in my very stubborn mind.
7 completed Pickle Dish sets out of (I think) a total of 48
I piled up all of the completed Pickle Dish melons I have completed so far. Then I admired them for a few minutes before snapping this picture in hopes that recorded progress would help increase motivation.  Now I'm thinking that maybe it's time to dig up the money to buy the background fabric and maybe incorporate that into the process too?


  1. Your Pickle Dish melons are looking good.
    Maybe put off buying the background fabric for now, and use that as an incentive to sew some more melons. Just repeat after me, "when I reach the half way mark of making the Pickle Dish melons, then I can buy the background fabric". Something to look forward to, a visit to the local patchwork shop.

  2. Just starch that love heart to within and inch of its life and call it done. It looks fine from where Im sitting.

    Your pickle dish blocks look very impressive sitting there in a pile like that. I bet you can get 5 more done this week. Do you need me to send you some chocolate as motivation?

  3. The heart looks just fine to me. Glad you are going to continue with the Pickle Dish. I think when it is done you are going to be very happy with it!

  4. Love the heart with flying geese block, hope that one works out in the end. Good you are getting on with that foundation piecing.

  5. Glad you are keeping on with the pickle dish blocks..I think they will make a lovely quilt..

  6. It will be fun to watch your progress on the pickle dish blocks... and hang in there with all that foundation paper piecing, because the blocks you have made so far look terrific! I'm going to check out the link you provided... thanks!

  7. When I'm paper piecing on my Civil War Diary quilt I keep the iron where it usually sits - across the room from my sewing machine. Yes, I get up and down a lot. Those are the days when I come closer to getting my 10,000 steps a day. (No, I don't every wear my counter any more, I just know I move a lot more then.) So I'm calling paper piecing my daily exercise!

  8. So wounderful blocks!!
    Let's enjoy!! :))

  9. Keep on going! Your pickle dish quilt will be beautiful!
    I totally get what you mean about the QAL blocks. It's like my Civil War blocks. I absolutely dread doing them, and then I stitch them and think "What was all the fuss!" I can be my own worst enemy!!

  10. I really like the flying geese heart block, I've never seen one like it before. Your Pickle Dish blocks look great in those yummy chocolate colours.


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