Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Break From the Normal Routine

Last Friday we left town and headed down to Eugene, Oregon to attend a couple of graduations.  It's the first time we've been able to get that far south in well over a year.  So much fun to hang out with family and enjoy the good times together!
More bow-tie blocks to add to the finished pile!
I had a post all prepped and ready so I could post while I was gone (cheating!), but I didn't exactly want to announce our absence to the entire world.  My intentions were to re-stock my hand-work bag before I left town, but somehow that fell by the wayside and I just grabbed what was ready to go.  Yeppers, that worked out just fine as I managed to piddle away at my bow-tie blocks here and there until I completed 19 more blocks.*big smile!
A little bit of fun...
On the next to last day before we left town, I talked my husband into taking me to two quilt stores.  I am so fascinated with new fabric that if my husband hadn't been napping/reading in the car outside, I probably would have maxed out all of my credit cards (which wouldn't take much these days).  Can you just imagine the buyers remorse I would have had? Eek!  I have been feeling seriously deprived of late.

The first store I went to in Springfield, Oregon is called 'Something to Crow About'.  It's a very lovely store that I've been in and out of for about 10 yrs. whenever we chance to be in the area.  Normally I head right over to the homespuns and grab whatever is new, but this time I spent most of my time drooling over the reproduction fabrics in an agony of indecision. There is never enough money....

The next store my husband took me to in Eugene is called 'Piece by Piece'.  I've only went one other time almost two years ago, but it is a fabulous store if you want modern fabric.  So much eye candy that I was dazzled once again and I'm not 100% sold on modern fabrics if you know what I mean.

In both stores I stuck to the fat quarter selections and only bought according to 'in the moment love' instead of looking at a list of what I might happen to need.  Today I finally had a chance to look at what I bought and play with it up next to some of my stacks-of-lovely-fabric-intended-for-future-projects.  The ten fabrics I laid out in front are ones that key in very well at least one of those stacks! Some of the fat quarters are the exact piece of fabric that makes the whole entire stack of fabric sing!  Isn't it amazing how that happens?  Honestly, I just bought what it felt like I couldn't live without.  Yay for the early anniversary present!  Can't wait to play a little more after I get this stuff washed up and put where it belongs.


  1. Wow, you did good! I like the stack of bow ties (very productive of you) and the purchases are drool worthy. Glad you got to treat yourself to some gorgeous fabric...I'm sure you deserve it!

  2. I'm with you about announcing to the world when we'll be away from home. It's rather frightening to consider, so I just try to remember not to post about trips until we return. Better safe than sorry, as the adage goes. Your new fabrics are so pretty! I have "new to me fabrics" but that's not quite the same. Loving those bow ties: hurry and finish already so we can see the outcome :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun trip. Your new fabrics look very nice!

  4. I adore those bow tie blocks of yours, that turquoise is just the perfect neutral!
    Your new fabrics look great!

  5. Love the bow ties. I am quite partial to fat quarters myself and I find them hard to resist. Have fun and take care, Byrd

  6. Wow, you did well not buying too much. I better not go too much to a quilt store as I can't resist all that beautiful fabric. I always buy far too much, lol. I love your bow ties, still many to make I see, lots of work.Have a nice weekend.

  7. Fat quarters are so fun to buy from different fabric stores. I like your choices!! Another 19 bow ties!! Way to go!! How many are you aiming to make all together? Congratulations to the graduates!!

  8. That's what I always tell my husband when we go to quiltshops.. that I only buy what I feel I can't live without.... :-)
    Have a great trip!

  9. That's quite haul there Missy! I always tell Mr. P I save him a fortune when I buy things on sale. He's given up trying to work out my logic. Which of course was my dastardly plan all along!


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