Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking at Some Quilty Goodness!

It's good to have a break from the quilting room, but oh, it's hard too.  I wandered up there yesterday thinking I could maybe squeeze in about half an hour of sewing.  Huh. The upstairs was wall to wall sleeping bags including the quilting area.
More bow-tie blocks!
Gotta love having all the family in town for end of the year activities/graduation though! I ended up back on the couch clutching my hand piecing bag which, honestly, has been my go-to for quilty restlessness the last couple of weeks. Whenever I have a little bit of down time and know positively that sewing in the quilting room is out of the question, I've been grabbing some bow-tie pieces and trying to get a few stitches in.

Every now and then someone asks about what I'm doing, how many blocks I intend to make (did you know that saying 'I only have a 100+ blocks left to sew makes people repeat the word ONLY in a very loud and odd way?', how it all works, and yeah, if I'm crazy too. My kids and husband however, think it's time to worry about me when I'm sitting without anything at all in my hands to work on.
Starting to get a nice little stack of quilty goodness going!
They are scary smart, that family of mine! They totally get the difference between crazy and creatively obsessed inclined.

I knew the finished bow-ties were stacking up (I even stitched a few while we were camping last weekend), but I couldn't believe it when I started counting. 26 more completed bow-tie blocks to add to my growing stack!  Yay me!  Who says a forever project actually has to take forever? hehe


  1. amazing what a person can get done hand piecing isn't it!

  2. Yes, there is always that bit of hand piecing to do when you cannot do anything else. Nice to have the family over, enjoy!

  3. Congrats on getting so many blocks done! The hand stitching is not my thing, but I "get" how it's therapeutic. Family is wonderful, but things can get stressful too. Glad you're finding some time to stitch.

  4. It's great to see the pile of those wonderful bow ties grow! 3 cheers for hand piecing when we can't get to the sewing machine.

  5. I lost my quilting mojo for a bit and I think it went to visit with you - congrats on getting so much done!!

  6. I was just thinking about my own hand piecing project. Love how yours is stacking up! Hand piecing is so good for those stolen moments of stitching.

  7. I love hand sewing on the lounge at night . It's often surprising what you can get done when you just plug away.

    The bow ties are looking fab!

  8. Foundation piecing always sounds like a good idea and so does a sit down dinner for 16. I really want to do a fan quilt too, but I'd never thought of paper piecing - keep going! Take care, Byrd


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