Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winner of the Giveaway and More String Blocks

Well, this was fun!  I decided to draw the winner of the giveaway in the old fashioned way--straight from a bowl.  The winner is Nancy with the comment 'I would have to say if I had to pick one word it would be inspiring. You certainly inspire me with all your creativity .' Wow!  Very sweet.
Drawing the winner of the Giveaway!
Nancy has a lovely blog called Tattered Garden Quilting if you'd like to check it out.  Really, I'm sorry to put everyone on the spot like that, but the comments were simply fascinating!  I have this list of things that I pin up on the wall in my quilting room to help keep me on task with what I'm trying to accomplish.  It changes through the years as my focus shifts slightly and changes directions, but I find it to be a very good reminder of what I want my quilts to reflect.
Quilty focus
What the many comments proved to me is that people are very nice!  Well, that, but more importantly, it proved that I am slowly getting my quilts to have that nebulous quality of individualism and character. Why oh why isn't there a good book out there on how to get personality into quilts?  I suppose if you'd like to translate Greek, you can dive into design and art quilt books.*wink
Still playing with scraps
I am still playing with my string blocks and although it looks like I have plenty of scraps left, I'm starting to get a bit nervous.  I have 17 blocks finished which gives me a good idea of where I'm going now.  So, in order to make the quilt that is starting to come together in my mind, it looks like I will need 13 more blocks!  I'm definitely hitting that spot of thinking that I've overused some pieces of scraps and don't have nearly enough interesting strings left.  We'll see.  I'm still pretty determined to stick to the scrap bin mentality and not dig into the stash unless I get desperate....


  1. Congrats to Nancy! Oh, how I love how your string blocks are coming along. They have a vintage feel in a very individual way. ; c )

  2. The blocks look great! Good for you, using up your scraps!! Imagine my surprise when I clicked over to the winner's blog and found a quilt she made from one of my patterns! So thanks for making my day...even though I didn't win. :)

  3. I quite certain that a "call for more scraps" would create an avalanche of packages at your door! You could even specify the types of fabric that you need....although I think your picture gives us a good idea of what you're using.

    Is your design wall attached to the wall? Just looking for ideas.

  4. Well oh my goodness, I can't believe I am the winner of this fabulous give a way. How lucky can a girl be.
    Thanks so much Audrey.
    And I love how the scrap blocks are coming along.

  5. Congratulations, Nancy!
    And, your block are so wonderful colors!!
    Have a happy spring day. :)

  6. Love how your scraps are coming together! Congrats to Nancy.

  7. Congratulations to Nancy!
    Love your design wall blocks - well - just Love your work.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Congratulations Nancy!! That string quilt is awesome!! Now I want to make one too! Inspiring - absolutely!!

  9. I think that worry is one thing I carry to each one of my quilts. Will I have enough pieces cut?? Will I have enough background fabric?? I'm hoping you have enough scraps to finish your other blocks--remember you can have low impact blocks and intermingle them with the others. If you need some scraps---just ask!! Congrats to Nancy on winning.

  10. Very much enjoy reading your blog ;-) You give me so many ideas.
    I would be happy to share some fabric strips from my scrap basket. Use what fits into your quilt in progress and save extras for another. Just send your mailing address and I can get them into Saturday's mail. How fun!

  11. This time we are doing the same. I have also been going through my scrapbins. Thanks for a great idea using strips.


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