Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slow Stitching Through the Week and a Little on Sunday

I still have a wretched cough, but it doesn't stop me from doing some hand work when and if I want.  I'm still plugging away at my Vintage Reproduction quilt several evenings a week.  Progress seems very slow, but even one frame an evening eventually adds up.
Quilting round & round the Vintage Reproduction quilt.
I never know exactly how it will be quilted before I actually get to the section in question.  It's not uncommon at all for me to be making the decision right as I'm sticking the needle into that particular part of the quilt.  'Okay, lets see if this works!'.  Borders that aren't pieced are my special nemesis.  My brain seems to freeze in agony at making a decision about what to do with those.
Detail of the hand quilting.
The hand piecing on the bow-tie blocks has been a bit confusing at times.  Some days I seem to have it all figured out and just breeze through them.  At other times, I end up with puckered corners and terrible looking y-seams.  Does it really just come down to what kind of mood I'm in?  I thought hand piecing was supposed to take care of the funky moods with all the needle in, needle out repetition?  Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching post today made me smile with the reminder to just enjoy every stitch.  lol
And a few more hand pieced bow-ties.
Mostly, I AM enjoying working on them.  Really.  The fabric in particular has been a good choice for that I think.  Very fun to jump from one print to a completely different one and see how they look against the teal background.  Well, Moda wants to call it Mermaid something or other, but over 20 years ago when I got married, it was called 'teal' and I thought it was the best color ever.*wink
Our lovely dandelion patch.... 
On a completely different note, my daughter decided to take some pictures of our ratty looking yard from an shameful interesting perspective.  Last year we had a sprinkler problem and the yard got terribly neglected.  Enough so that the dandelions got a stronghold on our lawn--obviously.  If we didn't live on a dead end road, our neighbors would probably snub us for making them look bad!  Oh well.  Maybe after the kids are raised and life slows down, we'll have more time to dedicate to the yard....


  1. Love your hand quilting, isn't it so therapeutic! I have a klosjes quilt that is my forever project. I really need to get the last few appliqued on to the block and get the blocks sewn together, there is never enough time!

  2. love seeing those hand quilting stitches and i'm glad that i'm not the only one who sometimes decides what to quilt as i'm quilting.

    it's good to see more of those bow tie blocks too~!


  3. sometimes quilting is the last decision for me as well. It usually works out ok :) love the bow tie blocks

  4. Feel better soon! You hand quilting is wonderful.

  5. Interesting to see those Q-snaps. I used to use them have gone to the wooden quilting rings since, but still have my Q-snaps lying around somewhere. Love it that you do hand quilting, it is wonderful isn't it?

  6. If you do a hoop a night you're doing well. I think your mood or something affects how you sew, some days things just don't work. Your bow ties are looking fabulous, love that mermaid, or should I say teal ;)

  7. yardwork never seenms to win out here either time wise...
    I would love a beautiful yard and amazing flower beds......
    gardener I am not..
    good for you keep hand quilting it will get done.
    love seeing this in the works.

  8. How beautiful a quilt.
    Let's enjoy hand quilting together! :))

  9. Why did the Cookie go to the hospital??

    he was feeling crummy.....

    Hope you feel better soon. Being sick is such a drag because there you are with time on your hands but not much energy or enthusiasm to do anything with it but feel...crummy!

  10. Shameful/interesting - LOL! Our whole city looks like this now since they banned chemical weedkillers a few years ago.

    But your handquilted border is looking fantastic!

  11. What a fun post! Love the dandelion photo...I'm going to try making dandelion jam this year...for real!
    And your hand quilting is to die how you create designs intuitively.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  12. Lovely hand quilting! This is a beautiful quilt. I know what you mean with the hand piecing - some days it goes smoothly, other days not so much. ; c ) I figure the good blocks will help tame the wonky ones.
    Cool photo through the dandelions. We sent our youngest off to college last fall and our yard is looking so much better. Right now you're raising kids, later you can raise a garden.

  13. I think your daughter took a beautiful picture of the dandelions! Hope you get to feeling better soon... always nice to see what you are working on.

  14. Love your hand quilting! Yes, a frame at a time is a nice way to progress.
    Sweet bow ties too.
    Dandelion wine maybe?? Just kidding...

  15. Hope you feel better. Just got to love your quilt.


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