Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Sampler QAL Progress

So... It was time and I knew it.  Time to dig out the Random Sampler QAL blocks and check things out.  Honestly, I have almost bagged this project a time or two. When I look at everyone else's work, it makes me think I'm trying to run with the wrong crowd or something!  Most of the QAL work I see on Flickr is very modern and mine is, well, what it is.
Random Sampler QAL
I flipped through my Gwen Marston book once again (Liberated Medallion) and tried to remember what it was about this QAL that hooked me in the first place. Oh yes!  I LOVE and adore Gwen Marston's free spirited method of putting together quilts and I just knew this could be a great way to slowly work up to a great quilt.  If I can use some of my leftover parts and pieces at the same time, then all the better!
Crown & Star block difficulty
AND if I can stay on track and not get sidelined by my own issues with piecing?? Is it really necessary to use 16 pins so that my block is lining up properly? Oh, and I keep getting bogged down with the details of each months suggested block. This months Crown & Star block (Anita calls it a squash blossom) was one I actually liked, but last months was a foundation pieced wheel block.  Ughhh...  I really, really don't like doing foundation piecing no matter how pretty the block.
A bit of insanity....
Why is why, in the interest of full disclosure, I need to admit to starting a foundation pieced project clear back in ahem, December.  No worries as it's not getting much attention! I've always wanted to make have a wedding ring or pickle dish quilt and in a moment of obvious insanity, I launched into the start-up of one.  It's all Diane's fault of course.  She made it sound like there was absolutely no reason in the world a determined quilter couldn't make one if they put their mind to it.  Clearly, I'm not very determined thus far.....
All caught up for now with Random Sampler QAL
Anyway, no foundation piecing happening with this QAL, at least here on my end. I have to draw the line somewhere!  I'm hoping the shoe fly blocks will provide a little bit of that similar circular motion as the QAL suggested wheel block and they did go together so very sweetly.  (Unlike foundation piecing which obviously does not go together at all around here.)
Random Sampler QAL parts & pieces
In fact, after looking at all of the parts and pieces that are assembled so far, I'd say I could use a few more traditional looking blocks.  I love how the background fabric peeks through the triangles pieced blocks especially.  You know the old saying 'Comparison is the thief of joy'?  It's important to remember that there is a kind of comparison that is actually healthy and beneficial.  Let's not get caught up in the other.*wink


  1. I love the random sampler look. I try to have all my blocks divisible by 2 not including seam allowance. Then I cut a bunch of 2 1/2 inch squares and fill in where needed. The other thing I do is work smaller sections. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. I think you've got a great start.

  2. you are not alone in not liking paper piecing - I think I once worked on a pineapple squares quilts for almost two years before giving up the idea of making it queen size and had it be a wall hanging instead!

  3. I love your random sampler blocks!!! and I'm not a foundation/paper piecing person!!! I admire those that do!!


  4. Your design wall looks pretty good with the layout you have with the Random Sampler blocks! Personally, I prefer your look to moderns. Keep at it, and keep us posted... I love to paper piece, but I'm not fond of hand quilting... that's what makes us all so unique!

  5. Oh Audrey, I probably shouldn't admit it (since I am mostly to blame!) but this post made me laugh out loud. :) I must apologize for sending you down the paper piecing path of frustration, I know it can be challenging. On the other hand, your sampler is just wonderful. You are doing an amazing job, and I love your fabric choices (even if you are running with the wrong crowd...what a hoot!) Actually, after seeing your blocks, it makes me wish I had chosen more traditional colors for my own. Maybe I'll have to make another one!

  6. I have taken 2 courses in paper piecing and have not touched it since.... don't know if I ever will, so many projects to do that do not use this method,I guess. Love what your are doing now, am curious as to your next step.

  7. Hi Audrey. I personally love your colour choices. The moderns are nice too, but I do prefer these.
    I work with a charity group and we get heaps of donated orphan blocks. I made up a quilt top late last year, which used a heap of these orphans. It was quite a challenge. Not only all different sizes, but all different colourways as well! I used homespun in a mulberry colour in a uniform size to sash every block & tie it all together, and used lots of squares & strips to fill in the blanks. It actually looked quite good in the end, but I tore my hair out doing it. LOL
    There are still quite a few blocks left, so I was looking at them the other day thinking I should launch into them. On the back burner for the moment.

  8. Oh, I do love your random piece which does not look at all random to me. The basket is the block I like best. Followed by the tree blocks.

  9. Your random sampler is looking wonderful!! So many fun blocks all together!! I'd never heard that saying " Comparison is the thief of Joy", it's a good one to think of as we're looking around in blogland and seeing so many amazing things. I have a love / hate relationship with paper piecing, it can drive me mad but i love the results. Are you using the Kaffe Fasset Pickle Dish pattern?

  10. I love pickle dish blocks and Ive been looking at them a lot lately and wondering if I could make a whole quilt of them without crying a lot. Your block looks so pretty .

    The random sampler quilt is looking fab! I started one last year and didnt get very far!

  11. I love this quilt!! LOVE*LOVE*LOVE it!!!


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