Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Give Up. It's Calling My Name

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I am thinking it's time for me to play!  Rachel over at Stitched in Color is having a Scrap Attack (String Fever) quilt along.  I joined up with her first Scrap Attack early last year and got some really good insight into the joys of using 'strictly' scraps.
Sorting through the scraps
I tried and I tried, but I guess I just don't have any willpower when it comes to scrap bin projects.  Besides, I learned so much from that first Scrap Attack project and this one is STRINGS.  How irresistible is that?  I have never done a string quilt to this day and I'm thinking that needs to change!
Test block
After I got my scraps sorted out into a kind of controlled color effort (I have discovered that I like boundaries within my scrappy chaos), I made a test block.  Hmm...  yummy.
More string blocks
So then I made more and checked it out from a slight distance.  Yes, no, maybe so?  I think it's calling my name.  There is something very comforting about using fabrics you've already played with once before.
Scrap Attack #1--Log Cabin
This log cabin was my first scrap attack effort, totally opening my eyes to the fun of digging through cast-off bits and pieces of fabric.  See, a true scrap quilt eliminates the worry and stress about making sure fabrics match up properly and play nice with one another.  You grab a piece of fabric and sew.  It's really that simple.
Scrap Attack #2 Reds & Blues
The Reds and Blues scrap attack was started on a moody whim because I was feeling restless and unsettled.  Such fun to find a sliver of great pieces of fabric and make a place for them!  Surprisingly, it ended up feeling like a very creative quilt to me.  I'm not really sure I could have done that starting with larger chunks of fabric because the initial freedom was largely gained from being 'limited' to my scrap bin choices.  That's the second time I've experienced a feeling of creativity due to severely limiting my fabric choices.  Great lesson for me!
Scrap Attack #3--Low Volume
And of course this was my first Low Volume scrap attack effort.  All the light colored parts of the blocks are strictly from the scrap bin sewed into a 'made fabric' block with the triangles sewed on after.  It turned out to be such a sweet quilt to me--so many lovely pieces of fabric sewed into the blocks here and there. 

I guess that's why the String Fever quilt along is so irresistible to me right now.  I will start with these initial string blocks and learn the theory, hopefully making a nice quilt top for myself.  But where will it take me?  That is the real question. If I know anything about myself by now, I know it won't be the last string quilt I make or even my very best effort.  Isn't it fun to play?


  1. it is amazing what we can do with scraps isn't it - I love that string log cabin block! I need to get back to my scraps soon too.

  2. I've made a load of string quilts and they are so much fun to do . Plus you have the added bonus of using up all those scraps.

  3. You sure know how to make your scraps sing! I love the freedom of using scraps too. I look forward to seeing your string quilt grow!

  4. Your scrap quilts are wonderful!! I'm sure this one will be also!!


  5. I love it! Love the string blocks you are making and love the low volume #3 blocks you made, they are beautiful. Did you finish that one? When I look at that picture I see blocks pinned to a design wall.

  6. Love your insightful posts! I love scrap quilts but have made very few from just true scraps. WIll have to amend that. Really like how your first string quilt is starting out. Your strings are so organized - I've only separated mine by light and dark.

  7. Your scrap quilts are WONDERFUL! Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. You have a wonderful WAY with scraps!


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