Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plain Jane Seems to Want Some Attention

Always looking ahead, that's me.  I went digging through my completed quilt tops to see which quilt needed to go in the hoop next and stumbled across my sugar bowl quilt.  This quilt (which I call Plain Jane) has been living happily in the drawers with all the other finished quilt tops until this week, when for some reason she demanded to be prettied up a bit.
Plain Jane (Sugar Bowl Blocks)
Strange how that happens.  I really thought this particular quilt was perfectly content as it was.  Hmmm... I do wonder if I'm putting off working on other projects that I'm right in the middle of?  Oh well.  When inspiration strikes, it's best not to ignore it for too long.*wink  I promise it won't be overkill.
Prep for Plain Jane border work
I'm a list girl so it's pretty easy to see what projects are ready for attention you know.  My 'To Do' list is always in a color that jumps out at me and I place it directly to the left of my sewing table.  Hello?  Don't forget about me!
To Do list


  1. I am also in the mood of digging out work in progress and get to the next level. It is fun and feels good.

  2. Wow, you seem to get a lot of quilting done. Do you quilt with cotton thread or pearl cotton, which gives a bigger stitch? In your last photo, the pattern on the left Is one of my favourites. Is it to be your next long term project?

  3. I agree that you should always follow your inspiration, no matter what! I have also found that procrastination is a sign that something is not quite right about those projects that I can't seem to get around to. Either with the design, or the method.

    I'm excited to see where your inspiration will take you!

  4. I love the sugar bowl block - one of my all time faves. Yours has great sashing too.
    I'm a list making too.
    Hey - is that calico paradise I see on your wall?


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