Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hand Quilting Again and Some Frugal Thinking

It is starting to look like I am making very REAL progress on the Antique Medallion quilt!  Once I start working on the very outside edge of any quilt, I always get this feeling of excitement.  Yay me!  Of course the outer border is forever long when you figure you have to go all the way around the quilt.*wink
More hand quilting
I wanted to say 'Thank You' for all the wonderful comments I got in response to my mentioning our reduced budget as it may apply to my quilting hobby.  I really have no intention of giving up quilting, I was just trying to explain why I may be making weird or unusual  fabric choices--something that may not be immediately obvious as a frugal decision.  It's perfectly okay with me if you just think I'm being eccentric, because that's probably a correct assumption as well.  lol  

My biggest problem is that I get to feeling GUILTY.  How important is this quilting thing in relation to our growing family needs and obligations?  I'm very aware that there are lots of people in reduced financial straights these days and I'm always reading about a good tip for up-cycling, stash busting, and making do etc.  It sounds crazy, but I love it even when I'm annoyed about it.  Personally, I know that it helps me to not be so lazy.  It makes me dig a little deeper into my fabric totes.  I have to weigh my fabric buying choices more carefully.  It leads me to make more unique design decisions and take more time with each quilt.  I'm almost always broke so my entertainment is more home based; ie, I quilt more!

But yes, I will still be buying the occasional big chunk of background fabric (I just bought the yardage I need for my next forever project last month).  But I will buy it on sale or with a gift card.  Not be impulsive and buy the wrong color only to go back the next week and buy a different color!  If I get desperate, I will no doubt be knocking on my mom's door and offering a fabulous trade in return for raiding her quilting supplies.

In closing, I will also mention that I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilting today.  Slow quilting is very much a part of my quilting experience--one of the best parts actually.  It's so good to slow down and think things through occasionally.


  1. Financial challenges do provide creative challenges for sure. I am very careful with my quilting money and very rarely buy "for fun"...only what I "need".
    And I never feel guilty about it because it is my sanity, my "escape", my relaxation, and my hobby, so it's quite cheap when you think about it! LOL
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching! Love your border grid!

  2. OH, I feel the same way about the quilt I am working on. The outer borders seem to go on forever.
    There is no reason to feel guilty as long as you are taking care of your family. Quilting keeps us sane and helps me and probably you too, relax!
    Use what you have just as women before us have. We really don't need to buy what we don't need. Enjoy your hobby!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family! I wish you lots of quilty fun in this year. Congrats on your hand-quilting progress! It's looking great.

    The budget is a big reality for most of us nowadays, isn't it? I know I don't have the $$ to spend that I used to. And fabric has become very expensive. Of course, I probably don't NEED to ever buy fabric again either, if I just look in my stash. But I have become pretty tight with my money, and buy carefully now, and rarely. It can be fun to be thrifty. And my quilts will never be all new fabrics. Fortunately, I like the old make-do look in quilts. I like your idea that a few new fat quarters can make a difference in your quilt and your outlook - how true!

  4. I always feel like I'm SO close to being done when I get to where I'm quilting the borders ... yet sometimes those borders taken almost as long as the rest of the quilt did. ;-) I can't wait to see the quilt when it's finished!

  5. I love what I am seeing of your quilt!

    Why would you need to explain 'weird or unusual fabric choices' - I often make weird or unusual fabric choices naturally - ha ha!

  6. When you think about it patchwork was invented out of being thrifty with leftover pieces of fabric, so it's a perfect hobby in these times. Plus I love your fabric choices, nothing weird as far as I can see. Enjoy working on those edges!

  7. I'm totally with you Audrey on your comments about being fabric frugal and using up what you have. You are carrying on in the true tradition of being a quilter and creating beautiful quilts from creativity. I think your quilts are lovely.

  8. Beautiful quilt! So glad you linked up with Kathy on Sunday. I too have been choosy lately in buying (with a little splurge with birthday $ around the holidays - I was told to not buy anything 'useful' with it! - I got fabric and quilting goodies!) I think as we are more creative with our existing fabrics we do make some wonderful looking quilts. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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