Friday, January 25, 2013

Lots to Think About

First of all, I want to apologize for any consternation that I caused by nominating any particular person for the Liebster Award!  Essentially it's a 'chain' award and although I feel like it doesn't require a mandatory response, people can definitely worry about that.  Don't!  I went along because it seemed fun and I was already burrowed into my office for the time being.  If I disappear into my quilting room, then I have to feel guilty because I'm not doing bookwork.  I mean, obviously.  I'm not even in the office.  But posting?  Oh yeah.  Total mind game.  In the office = working! lol
G'ma's Kaleidoscope quilt
Later in the day, my time is my own.  Well, except for fixing dinner, washing dishes, attending the kids basketball games etc. etc.  That's when I do little hand quilting usually.
G'ma's Kaleidoscope from another view
This quilt has been very interesting to work with.  I LOVE the colors and scrappiness.  For once the stark white doesn't bother me at all and I'm really not sure why?  I am quilting it very simply in approx. a 1/4" echo stitching around each block, although a little wider for the white patches.  They are a total nuisance. 
Looking at some of the fabric.
But it's not just the white fabric.  Some of the other fabric has a very tight weave too.  My new leather thimble is getting totally thrashed, my finger is getting bruised and I am just trying to plow through it all with a smile.  I do lots of thinking about my grandmother while I work on this quilt so that definitely helps.  Where did she get her fabric and why?  Was some of this fabric re-purposed?  I almost think so.  Lots to consider...


  1. I think it's up to the individual whether or not they want to play along with awards. I must say I was surprised how many questions etc were involved. I'm sure back when I was given the award it was only 3 questions and 3 nominees, easy peasy. I love your quilt, the colours are so pretty. Good on you for smiling through the stiff stitches, you'll have super tough fingers by the end of it.

  2. I probably received the award a little later than Rachaeldaisy above, I had to do 5 (questions + nominees), I do hope they don't keep on upping the #'s....
    Anyway, love it that you do handquilting!

  3. IMHO, the cool shades of the blue and green fabrics lend themselves better to white than off white or beige in your quilt. It is lovely! As I was looking at the pictures, admiring the fabrics, I thought to myself that they looked like the printed, sleeveless blouses, or kitchen aprons that I remember seeing my grandmother, mother, and aunts wear... and then I read your entry about wondering where your grandmother found her fabrics, and if they were repurposed. Indeed, I agree, I think they were! Bravo for you hand quilting it! Your grandma would be proud! P.S. Awards are very nice, but I enjoy the friendships I have made through blogging much better... quilters are the kindness and most generous people on this earth!

  4. This quilt is amazing Audrey, I adore the colours and the patterns. What a huge quilting job it is! xo

  5. great the colors and the quilting is really giving it extra life...beautiful


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