Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More on the Little Christmas Table Runner

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas already!  What in the world am I doing working on a little Christmas table runner at this late date?  Me and my big ideas.  The truth is, if it's not snowing outside, I don't want to be working on holiday stuff so here I am.....
Getting ready to pin baste.
I added some quick little applique trees to the quilt.  The colors aren't perfect, but all of this fabric was given to me a couple years ago, so it feels good to finally be using some of it.
In the hoop....
Then a simple 2" border seemed appropriate.  I ironed the backing fabric, sandwiched and basted the entire quilt in less than half an hour.  Now I'm trying to burn through the hand quilting so I can get the binding on well before Christmas Eve.  No problem.  I just have all my major grocery shopping to do, snacks and goodies to bake and fix, plus the girls are starting to whine about where the rest of their presents are.  Umm... in black bags in my closet?
My 1/2 yd. cheddar fabric win!!!
I did get an exciting piece of mail today!  Taryn from Reproduction and Antique Quilt Lover blog had a giveaway a few weeks back and I was one of the lucky people to win a 1/2 yard of cheddar fabric!  Although I have used this particular color before, I have never used it in a solid before.  Just a little bit intimidating for me, but I think I'm up for the challenge!  (Eventually.  lol)


  1. I am sure you aren't the only one working on a Christmas project and trying to get it done before the big day arrives. I still want to make a pillow before Christmas. Not a Christmas design but something for a gift.

  2. I rarely do Xmas projects because I don't want a deadline! Good luck in getting it done, I just read on another blog that she got the top done and it needs to be quilted and bound - before Christmas! now that is rush work.

  3. Good luck! I am sure you can do it!!! Can't wait to see it!

  4. I love the addition of the Christmas Trees!! You'll have it finished in time for Christmas, there's a few days to go...
    Lovely cheddar, I know you'll do it justice and make something amazing with it.

  5. It wouldn't feel like Christmas in this house without a last minute project to finish! Your table runner is darling... and I think you'll have it completed in plenty of time! Have fun with the cheddar! Merry Christmas!


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