Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Progress on the Big Stars

I've been plugging along the last couple of days.  Three more stars are sewn together.  These turned out a little bit better than the previous three.  Probably because I checked out a couple tutorials here and there!  Sewing curves is not something I'm very good at, but I am determined to learn.
A few more big stars.
Two of my panels for the 9-patch series #4 are finished up too.  They have been super easy to take with me and work on in the car etc. while I wait on my husband or whatever else is going on.  At first I worried that I had used too many medium and similar tones, but now I'm liking the bright, zingy vibe going on.  Hopefully they will do what I want them to for the quilt in question.  Fingers crossed!
9-patch series #4 panels
As I look forward to the holidays I'm wondering what I'll be doing for hand work during the times it's inconvenient to hand quilt on a large quilt.  I really need to get my next forever project figured out!  The thing is, I want it to be fascinating enough to hold my attention for years if that is what it takes.  Hmmm...  What to do, what to do...

Today is another half day of school for my kids and for some reason I can smell something burning.  It may be time to re-teach the kidlings how to properly cook mac and cheese again.  Always something going on around here to distract me from my quilting!


  1. Your stars are really beautiful. And I just love that border you're making!

  2. Wow! Nice work on such a difficult block!!

  3. Wow, I'm loving everything you're working on!!


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