Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still Gonna Link Up

Thanks to everyone who left comments of encouragement after my last post!  I must have sounded really 'down' about my project (which I was a little tiny bit) but seriously--I was just trying to be clear and honest about my quilting process.  I'm not a Sunshiny Sue about everything I work on (even if I'm mostly loving my current project), and rarely for every phase of any one quilt.  I have ups and downs, twists, turns, moments of immense self-doubt and/or clarity, and hopefully, periods of maturity and growth in my quilting!  Don't you secretly appreciate the quilt bloggers who make an effort to 'keep it real'?*wink
Still hand quilting on the Monkey Wrench quilt
I haven't been able to get much done the last part of this week and I certainly didn't have the time to focus on my basket project again.  It was city wide yard-sale weekend and I figured I better take advantage.  My sister-in-law and I got a bunch of good stuff all gathered up and I volunteered my yard.  Hoo boy.  I'm glad we did it, but I am totally wore out, my house is a disaster and the yard looks like it got a good spanking.

The only quilting I even attempted to do was some hand quilting work late in the evenings.  I had vague plans to take some hand work outside and try to peck away at it, but really.  Even when there aren't people in the yard haggling over prices, there are tables of clothes to re-fold and abandoned toys to pick up off of the ground.  Basically I telling you that my slow stitching efforts are very, very meager right about now, but I'm still gonna link up to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday.  I really enjoy clicking through the links to check up on other slow stitching projects.  All this piddling around eventually amounts to something really incredible.  At least that's what I keep hearing all over the on-line quilt world......


  1. Glad to see the monkey wrench is getting some attention...for sure it all adds up. It's so interesting the stages of creation and how the love ebbs and flows for a project. You have given me food for thought :)

  2. Hi Audrey: I think all quilters go through periods of self doubt and wondering what the heck we are doing. (I know I do!)
    People with a passion are the happiest people in the world, and quilting is clearly your passion! Thanks for keeping me inspired!


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