Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starting in on Sewing the Rows Together

I don't know about this at all.  There is so much more black than I expected that it's taking awhile for me to process and I know.  I know.  There's no one to blame but me.
Just getting started....
Black and dark brown are my go-to neutrals whenever I'm getting saturated by other colors.  Sometimes it works and others maybe not so much.  On a different note, I'm kinda wondering if I'll ever remember to vacuum just before I take pictures.*wink
Hmmmm, does it work?
The blocks were rearranged so many times, my eyes were crossing, blurring and basically shutting down on me.  It's times like this that I dearly wish I had a very large design wall so I could leave my blocks and come back later with a fresh viewpoint.
The first 5 rows.
Whatever!  We do what we can with what we have, right?  Here's the first little bit all sewn together.  I'm still in that place of insane frustration.  Do I like it?  Have I wasted 3 years of hand stitching?  All my quilts are a roller coaster of emotion for me, but this one feels like it's more important somehow.  One thing for sure.  Even if it's not a perfect 'match-made-in heaven' mix of fabrics, I feel good about the fact that all of the fabrics are from my stash.  All of them.  Yeah, I'm loving that.


  1. Wow! That is a really striking layout. It looks awesome. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees when we have been looking at something we have been working on for a long time. As for the vacuuming....pppfffftttt! It saves you having to vacuum twice....there will be bits of thread from where you have been working. ;)

  2. Don't give up is truly amazing, and one day you will wonder why you ever had doubts!

  3. Very beautiful! I am working on this quilt also but I think I only have a little over 50 of them done. I love your fabric choices too.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  4. On reading the above comments....I can see we all love it! And that the fabric has all come from your stash is a bonus.
    PS. Where did you lock up the family? LOL

  5. You will love it and be glad you finished it. Beautiful.

  6. You will love it once it is all together. It will be worth the 3 years of piecing!!

  7. OMG I just love it! That applique border is perfect and this quilt is going to be amazing!

  8. Quit worrying!! I think you took a quilt that could be plain and made it outstanding. Just amazing!! It looks very today!!!!! Now I'm going to have to add it to my list to make!!

    Good job!!

    1. But that's what I do best--worrying! Thanks for stopping by.:)


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