Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And Now I've Started a Table Runner....

I just couldn't resist.  I've been wanting to do something new for my china hutch for a long time now.  And after winning 'Back To Charm School' the other day?  My excuses were starting to wear a bit thin.
Some of these are a little too small for comfort
It obviously doesn't take much to justify starting a new project around here.*lol  I grabbed my charm square pack, scrounged around for some scraps to help balance things out and started cutting.  Wowsers are some of these squares small!  I was totally wincing while I was cutting them out, because me and small pieces don't always get along real well.
Getting the corners sewn on
Amazingly, I didn't end up with too many wonky segments...
A mock-up bow-tie block
I put a couple blocks up on the wall and yep!  It actually looks like a bow-tie block just like the picture in the book!  I have really, really liked this block for years and have somehow always managed to avoid making it.  In this small of a block, the cheater corner piecing doesn't bother me at all, but in larger blocks I want to see the original piecing for some reason.  Sigh.... Such a traditionalist.  (And that would be the real reason I haven't made this block.*wink)
Looking at the first 7 rows (about 1/3 of the runner)
I'm changing the pattern (of course) and making a long table runner instead of a chunky rectangular shape.  I may end up adding a very small border all the way around too.  We'll see.  I need to get it all sewn up and check it out on the china hutch before I make my decision about that.  First things first.

To be honest, I've already chucked the 3" squares and started digging through my totes for a fabric I like better to join the bow-ties together.  My little off-brown squares are bugging me.  Just not right for this project I guess!

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  1. Love your little bow ties. I have a baggie of them finished and have not decided how to set them. Looking forward to seeing your final choice.


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