Friday, June 29, 2012

Non-Quilty Subject! The Ratty Summer Look

It's the weekend of our annual '4th of July' camping trip down at Winchester Bay Oregon with family and church friends.  Well, not so annual for us anymore as we totally missed it last year and my husband and I decided to send our kids without us this year.  We get to stay home and work and/or keep my husbands mom company since she's still in town with us.  So yeah, lots of non-quilty stuff going on around here!
Hollister jeans
I call this the 'ratty summer look'.  My daughter carefully cuts and pulls out most of the thread whereever she thinks it would look cool to have a gaping hole in her jean and then raids my scrap bin for the patches.  Gotta love teenager craftiness.
American Eagle jeans
Unfortunately, some of these jeans come original with those gaping holes.  Can you believe people pay full price for jeans with built in air conditioning?  Okay, yeah, that would be my kids.  But I draw the line at upper thigh holes etc. and insist on patches instead of teases.  I discovered this zigzaggy overlay patch idea from a pair of Aeropostale jeans my son bought years ago and my daughter has adopted the look for summer time.
Levi skirt
Whatever floats her boat.  I refused to sew the patch below the knee on the second pair of jeans because I simply couldn't get my sewing machine down that skinny leg hole and suggested she turn them into cut-offs etc. etc.  (Borderline meltdown approaching fast!  We're talking about losing hours worth of work on that particular hole in the jeans.)  Finally we decided to seam-ripper the leg seam apart so we could lay the jeans flat and thereby sew the patch on properly.

Wowsers!  So much work to have the right look for the beach!!!  Of course she's took capri's and shorts too, but she needed the right kind of jeans for the cool nights around the camp fire or something.  I try not to ask too many questions about things for which I obviously have little to no understanding about.  Next project for her is painting a pair of shorts with an american flag motif or something like that?


  1. As the mom of a 14 (soon to be 15) year old girl, I can relate to every word of this post! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Luckily, my child also allows me to patch the "vents" with the fabric of her choosing from my stash. But I too wonder about all the effort involved in making new jeans look acceptably old. I take comfort knowing I'm not the only mom rolling my eyes at all of this!

  2. A nice pair of white canvas keds makes a nice pallet to go with the custom distressed jeans!
    Great creativity and I can think of worse ways for spendning time ;-)
    Enjoy before they leave the nest...

  3. Thank you for sharing. I completely agree with you, why people buy jeans with holes already in them baffles me but I guess that's what in style nowadays. I really like the idea of adding fun custom patches instead of plain jean patches.


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