Monday, May 7, 2012

Can Always Fall Back on Hand Work

My husband and I took a quick trip down to Portland Oregon over the weekend.  It was one of those fast but necessary trips.  He made sure and pointed out when we drove right by one of the towns that has an incredible quilt store.  No time to stop, but hey! Isn't this that good quilt store town you love?  hehe  So not funny.
And a few more baskets...
I'm getting the feeling that life is going to keep hijacking my quilting plans for awhile.  Thank goodness I have an applique project and some hand quilting waiting in the wings or I would probably go stark raving mad.  Between that and my Pepsi stash, I should be good to go for a couple weeks anyway.*wink  Plus, I ordered the Gwen Marston 'Liberated Medallion' quilt book which should help sublimate my quilting urges for a few hours at least when it comes in.  Er, or maybe kick them into high gear?  This could be frustrating......
Good to be stocked up!

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