Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pondering my Lack of Skills

Less than perfect stitches that I won't even notice or care about in  2 weeks.
Do you ever feel like you're about to drown in hand work?  I tend to jump around from project to project, thus allowing myself to be positively mired in an avalanche of hand work--the slowest phase in the whole quilting process and the easiest one for me to procrastinate with.  And there are all different phases of hand work and ways to procrastinate if you quilt like I do, from the applique, to the hand quilting and yes, even the binding stage.  Mostly today, as I sat working on my binding, I found myself pondering my hand quilting skills.  They truly are sub-par from a professional, juried quilt show judge or even heirloom quilter point of view.  Actually, pretty much every quilter everywhere would be able to see my lack when it comes to hand quilting.*wink  When I first started hand quilting, the gal (I won't embarrass her by mentioning her name) who was teaching me actually winced and mentioned that she was sure I'd get better, some day. Uh huh.  It's some day NOW and my skills haven't improved to keep up with my years of experience like you'd expect, which is my conundrum today.  Is it a crime to keep doing something you know you do badly but find enjoyment in regardless?  I know and feel in my heart that the quilting police would suggest that I ditch the whole quilting thing and switch to Sudoku.  They just might have a valid point....  

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