Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Stuff

A little grungy, but I thought it re-purposed rather well.
Did I over-stuff it?  My kids will take care of that eventually!
 So....., back to the quilt room.*sigh  Why oh why does the pile of mending multiply and grow on me when I'm not around to whack it into shape?  I girded up my loins and attacked it with single-mindedness, promising myself that I could pretend to be creative AFTER.  You know, after I sweated through all that hemming, mending and sewing on of buttons stuff.  Uggh.  It never gets more appealing.

So..., After?  I didn't have much time left and my brain was feeling a little resistant to um, structured work.  I've had some little re-purposey projects on my mind of late--the results of haunting the second hand stores I'm sure.  The burlap bag was very functional, but with a cute little raw-edge applique, I thought it could be very sweet.   A few free-hand cuts into some scrap fabric and my idea was taking shape wonderfully, but then halfway through, the pillow idea redirected my focus.  The poorly matted (oldish) cross-stitch piece needed to be removed from a picture frame and it needed to be done now.  I impulsively decided to add on a red border fabric, then I sewed the backing fabric onto the front and filled it with pillow-stuffing lickety split.  Just as I thought, I was running out of time.  About then, my oldest son asked if I could go with him into town, not our town but the one approx. 40 miles away.  What?  I'm in a groove here!  I bundled up my goodies, my needle and thread AND, while he drove, I finished my raw-edge applique and sewed the open seam on my new pillow closed.  I was so enthralled with my new endeavors that I did not look at the speedometer once (or even mention the fact that I noticed when he tried to drive with his knee).

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