Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Hand Quilting

Been doing a little hand quilting in the evenings while the house is settling in for the night.  It seems like such a slooooow method of finishing a quilt sometimes.  I look online at all the quilts that are whipped out in a day or two with fancy schmancy stitching and I'm just pea green with jealousy.  Then I compare the two styles side by side and there is no real contest for me.  While the long-arm stitching is beautiful and eye-catching, it's the hand quilting that truly fascinates me at a cellular level.  It's rather like looking into the face of a newborn I think, I'm that fascinated with it.  I do have a rhythm that works well for me and it also pays off as in 'time-out' for my brain.  It must, as this will be about the 20th quilt I've hand quilted in the last several years.:)

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