Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Was a Good Day to Buy a Quilt Book (or Two)

Ok, I'll admit I went a little crazy today.  Sue me.
Lookee, lookee, I finished 10 more......
I am getting a little weary of these little baskets to tell you the honest truth.  One of our little girl visitors is absolutely fascinated when I get my applique out and she wants to help.  My youngest child is almost 11 and he understands when I tell him to back off and let me quilt in peace.  This little girl pushes my pins into the pincushion, fiddles around with the edges of my yet unsewn basket (notice the funky shape of some of my basket handles?), hangs off the arm of my chair and gives me a nice rocking motion to go with my vertigo, plus she keeps sticking her face down where the needle and her get up close and personal.  Oh, and she keeps trying to dig through my applique bag and check everything out because she's so curious.  Just a normal child and really, pretty sweet all in all.  Tho definitely sweeter when she's sitting across the room by her mama.  Now I'm gonna lay awake tonight and worry that by the time I'm a grandma, I'll be one of those cranky, grouchy ones.....  But hey!  On a brighter note, I now have some new reading material to drool over.  'Material Obsessions' is one of my very favorite quilt blogs for eye candy (main reason I bought this here book) and the other book looked very intriguing to this scrap-0-holic quiltee today.  Yep, didn't really have the money and Nope, didn't really care today.:)

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  1. That little girl is probably a quilter in the making. She will recall the days fondly that she spent hanging around you when you were doing applique! One of my favourite books is the MO2. It is far superior to MO1 (in my opinion). Sarah has a new book out and Kathy is publishing one soon too. Sadly they no longer collaborate.


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