Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking It Easy

These little birdies are supposed to be the cornerstone blocks for the next border of my vintage medallion quilt. I cut them out freehand from looking at a picture and even though I'm SOoo not an artist, they turned out just exactly like I intended them to look. (Jumping up and down about that, let me tell you!) I was so sure I would have all four done by today, but you know, summertime has it's own peculiar rhythm. For some reason it isn't usually real conducive to massive outputs from my quilting projects.:) There's something about extra trips to the grocery store for watermelon and icies, big piles of easy reading from the library, chick flicks for the weekends, late nights and later mornings that completely unhinge my schedule and coax my brain into a warm and comforting fog of 'Take it Easy'. I wouldn't have it any other way........

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