Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jumping From Quilt to Quilt

It looks like I haven't been working on anything, but progress is being made in little bits and pieces on several different fronts. I have been working on two different applique borders plus a fun little 'Sue Spargo' inspired quilt top all at the same time. It may seem chaotic to work on so many quilts at the same time (I did read the recent posts about quilt monogamy!) but it works very well for me. Occasionally I need the repetitive, somewhat tedious effort of hand work to really open up my brain waves to inspiration and workable ideas, especially when I'm deterring from The Plan or The Pattern. Jumping around from quilt to quilt gets me out of the rut I'm in and helps me jump through the frustration of decision making on all levels (fabric, pattern, size, scope, color etc.). Often quilts will have several seemingly very attractive workable destinations in mind that make it extremely hard to arrive at a single BEST plan. What if I mess it up terribly and wind up with a boring or awkward quilt? Horrors! When I'm in the process of quilting (whatever stage that may be), my brain will often be subconsciously working through the problems with yet another quilt. I know this because of the many times I've left a project laying on the couch with the needle and thread still attached, while I rush upstairs to my quilt room to 'audition' my newest idea concerning an entirely different quilt. It's best to nourish a shimmering speck of an idea in it's infancy while it's fresh and new and not let it languish unattended and perhaps lose it forever. I don't call this infidelity. I call it using all the tools at my disposal.:)

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