Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reasoning it Out

My daughter has a sign in her bedroom that says 'If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it'. Sometimes it seems that the most popular quilting ideas floating around on the Net tend to get this mindless sheep thing going on. If we aren't careful to look at the roots of why people do the things they do, use the fabric they use, and feel so personally creative about it all, we can follow them right off the cliff, so to speak. Or we can sit in perennial judgemental critique mode and question their intellect.:) I like it when people speak up about the Reasons behind the direction they're currently taking in quilting. Ahem, look no further than the mirror on the wall. I may be an ordinary, every day quilter with a fondness for scrap fabrics, but I also have a streak of frugality, a constant urge to challenge myself, and a love of the 'Country Living' style of quilts mixed with a healthy dose of beach cottage quilts. May I find myself before I dive over the cliff with the rest of the sheep.*wink

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