Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weird and Wonderful Hobby

Last week was one of those busy, action packed weeks. I had quite a bit going on to distract my mind, along with pockets of time where I normally could get much accomplished, if I could have but FOCUSED.:) So, after reorganizing part of my quilting room, and then finding myself twiddling my thumbs in indecision, I decided to start in on some quilting backs. I have been so lazy the last year or two, buying a single piece of fabric and cutting and stitching for my quilts backs. Borrrrriiiiinggggg. lol! I decided that there was no real way to ruin the back of a quilt, especially with my undemanding level of expectation. The funny thing was, after I got started, I ended up piecing together 5 different quilt backs altogether.:) Some turned out better than others, but the real joy is that now I have 5 quilt tops plus backing that are totally ready to go after a little bit of ironing and cutting out the batting! woot woot!! It just goes to show what a weird and wonderful hobby this is.

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