Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Miss Plain Jane

This is the red/cream & blue quilt with sugar bowl blocks I was working on last summer and fall. I had big plans to put a deep wide border on it with one of those wonderfully beautiful swags on it. I've always wanted a quilt with one of those things, just because.:) Anyway, I've pulled this top out a dozen times and laid fabric down beside it, draping it here and there in an imaginary swag and it just never fit. The quilt seems too busy, scrappy and maybe too simple too. Too ordinary? I don't know, but I refuse to put that much labor into a quilt top that simply will not appreciate the effort. So, yesterday I rummaged around and found a stack of dark blue fabrics to piece together and add as a plain 6" border. AND? I love it. It works perfectly for me somehow and just pulls it all together. Little miss Plain Jane I guess.*smirk I really admire a quilt that stands up for itself......


  1. Oh my, I do so LOVE this quilt just as it is---wonderful

  2. Meant to ask what size your blocks are and if you had a pattern you went by.


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