Monday, November 29, 2010

This Love/Hate Hobby of Mine

I really can't afford to quilt, especially this time of year. It's a love/hate hobby that I constantly feel guilty about because I agonize over every single impulse purchase during the lean money months. I'm painfully honest about where the money from our budget goes to and I probably terrorize my husband with my (always) ill-timed confessions of uncontrolled, out-of-budget spendatures.:) He is usually very gracious with me, but none-the-less, this leads to hoarding and/or self-inflicted deprivation until finally I crack. What seems to be the typical justification for entering a quilt store at this point will almost always be a great driving need for thread, which consequently will end up being buried under my 'impulsive' fat quarter purchases. Thus the entire cycle starts over. When I say I truly love to get fat quarters for Christmas? I really mean it.*wink

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