Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scary Solid Fabrics

I haven't posted in forever--too much stuff going on and no time to blog. I have finally been working on my antique medallion quilt again, the picture I have posted at the side of my posts. I'm adding black half circles to the edges of my inner border, kind of a scallop look. It's amazing how modern this quilt looks when it's really just a close replication of a hundred year old quilt. It'll be interesting to see how modern it looks as I continue adding all the borders. I picked up some very nice (read flat out fabulous!) solid fabrics to add in because they were the exact colors I've been looking for. Hmmm, solid fabrics are so scary to me.:) Hopefully it'll all work out as beautifully as the inner section has. This has been such an interesting way for me to create a quilt--no pattern, just a picture. I've only done this one other time and now I'm wondering why I don't do it more often....

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