Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Gonna Get Ugly

I feel like I've been in a rut lately, turning out what I consider sub-standard work. I'm in the doldrums and my quilts reflect that--right back at me.:) I know I need to kick start my self, but HOW??? Is it really okay to take a pattern of a pretty quilt and faithfully try and replicate that? Well, I know It's okay with the designer, otherwise they wouldn't have sold the pattern. But is it okay for that creative quilter wanna-be lurking inside me? I think sometimes, it must be. Sure, I'll probably turn out another sub-standard quilt because really, who can capture the magical ingredient that makes the original quilt shine except duh...., the designer, but maybe, maybe..... I'll see two unexpected pieces of fabric together and get a glimmer of an awesome idea. It does happen you know. Inspiration CAN strike (lol!) OR maybe when my eyes are glazing over from the monotony of chain piecing, I'll suddenly hit upon the perfect pattern idea for a stack of fabric I've been saving for a special quilt. Either that or I'll sew two fabrics wrong sides together! All I know is, if I'm not working with fabric somehow or somewhere, it's gonna get ugly. In more ways than one.:)

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