Saturday, November 3, 2018

Off On a Tangent

It's done. My honest-to-goodness squirrel quilt has the binding on and it's ready to head down the road to its new home! It was started on a whim one day when the leftover triangles seemed more interesting than the finding-a-solution session would ever be.
Off on a Tangent
It quickly morphed into a quilt with a destination. There's this friend of mine who has had some scary health problems earlier this year and of course, I'm always thinking 'surely, a quilt will make everything better!'
A happy quilt...
I loved adding that oldish red/yellow/purple plaid. It's one that I bought years ago in the feel sorry for me clearance bin. You know how it works, gotta buy a whole yard before you actually get the 'deal'. Uh huh. I'm a sucker for them too.
Hand quilting along the triangles....
The lettering added onto the quilt was a bit of a disappointment. Not very visually striking at all. But I took some of your advice and just let it be. I could've done some really interesting things to darken the edges of the letters and all kinds of super creative things.... that would have taken a lot of time.... things that would have totally annoyed me.... And well, it's just not that important to me with this particular quilt.
And hand quilting in the border....
It's a feel good quilt. A fast and easy 'squirrel' quilt that took me totally off on an unplanned detour. Which is why it's called 'Off on a Tangent'. Fun to be distracted once in awhile, but seriously, I have quilts that I'm much more invested in. If that makes any sense?
Good way to take care of those leftover bits!
Did you catch the big 'oops? I know some of you like to shake your finger at me when I point out the errors, but this one is classic. Totally worth pointing out! It wasn't until the quilt was almost totally quilted that it finally even caught my attention. Which is good, right? With these sorts of '9-patch' borders, I always do a rough drawing, count out the either-or squares of color and do the placement just so. Ideally, we want the border pattern to flow properly around the quilt. Well, somewhere in the sewing phase, I flipped the left side border upside down. 

Yep, look closely my friends, the 9-patch flow is definitely interrupted at the corners, top and bottom. How did that happen when I planned so carefully?!!  Waaaay too late for a fix and probably not even that important in the scheme of things. Did I drag my hands up to my hair and sort of push into my head with my fingers and pull at my hair for a few seconds? Uh huh. And laughed. Kind of crazy-quilt lady style if you want to know the truth of it. Gotta love the human touch! Never have to do it on purpose around here, that's for sure!


  1. LOL - I didn't catch the "mistake" until you pointed it out :) it is a cute quilt and yes I know what you mean by being more invested in other quilts I am like that too -

  2. That is one fun quilt. Your friend will surely appreciate it and she's lucky to have you for a friend. Great job, Audrey! What mistake????!!! 😉💗

  3. Most definitely a feel good quilt Audrey -I didn't pick up your issue with the borders and I bet others didn't!

  4. I didn’t catch the mistake. The quilt is a happy delight. You always make such vibrant, exciting quilts. Love the details. The fun shines through.

  5. Oh, yes! I'm betting most of our quilts have the human touch! Your quilt is sweet and will be loved by your friend.

  6. Mistake; of course not! I think you planned it all along. Either way it's lovely and who looks at borders anyway?!

  7. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out! It's done yay!

  8. Thanks for sharing this fun project. Really the cool sashing makes it sing. Well, that, plus the color and value placement of triangles. Good work as always!

  9. I didn't catch your so called error. I am sure your friend will enjoy it knowing you made it.

  10. Ah Audrey....I am the QUEEN of "plan-it-all-out-and-screw-it-up", so don't even try to take my crown! Your 'feel good' quilt feels good to me.

  11. I think the human touch might be just what your friend needs. And, I like that the words are subtle so you can just absorb their meaning.

  12. I hope the quilt made everything better. The human touch is a perfect design assistant.
    A beautiful gift!

  13. I thought you'd switched the border deliberately. Another lovely quilt, perfect to bring cheer and comfort.

  14. I never saw an "oops" in this quilt. The subtle message of the border is my favorite part of the quilt. I hope it brings your friend comfort and hope.


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