Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Little Here and a Little There

There's been a lot of hand work around here of late. It's so very calming compared to the hectic days and weeks we've been having. I know some people will say, just slow it all down, get off the fast train--it's your call how you spend your days. 
Moving on to the next layer with the Melon Patch blocks
Well, and so it is. We absolutely choose to be involved {or not} with our family and friends lives, and if that creates a bit of a whirlwind of activities at times? then so be it. This past weekend saw us attending the funeral of the last of my uncles on my fathers side. Along with the service was the church dinner {with which we always help out} and before and after, numerous gatherings of family, both from in town and those who came from elsewhere. These times are quite precious. We got to see a cousin and his family that we haven't seen in close to 10 years. The fact that these times usually come along in connection to a funeral is one of lifes little ironies.
Five out of twelve Dried Flowers blocks finished up!
And not to dwell on the sad, but we'll probably be attending the funerals of two of my husbands uncles before the year end as well. Definitely before the next year is through. So all the births, birthdays and family/holiday functions that come along will be a celebration of life to help balance out the melancholy. Are we living a life that will create a hole in our families lives when we're gone? How important are we really? It's always much, much more sad to me when someone passes who seemed to not made as much impact as they could have. Someone who lived more on the fringes of peoples lives than right in the middle. Yes, I'll grieve deeper for the ones who left that huge, gaping space in my life, but the memories will be sweeter and I'll absolutely remember them longer and with more fondness.
The Candy is disappearing....
Okay, on to happier things....  It's been a beautiful fall so far. I'm just baffled that it's already Halloween! Wowsers, where does the time go! Sometime between all that family stuff, there was a 'Trunk or Treat' at our church parking lot as well. With a 'princess' granddaughter to admire, we were NOT going to miss out on that! The funny thing was, we were also able to raid our tote of Halloween costumes to help deck out some of the visiting nephews and nephews. No reason for them to miss out! They proudly sported three musketeer, viking and nerdy fairy costumes {who knew that was a thing?}. And to think I've been been threatening to throw that 'junk' away for years! Anyway, my candy bowl is in dire need of a refill before the local trick-or-treaters start arriving this evening. I'm hoping they totally clean us out as the chocolate quota has already been filled by this family for the entire month!
Quarter Circle Round #2 progress
Oh--lets not forget the hand quilting update. I've also been slowly hand quilting on the Quarter Circles Round #2 quilt. My initial goal was to have it finished up by the end of October, but well, that isn't looking too good. Still have to go back and hand quilt in the long connecting strips of fabric, plus one more row of the circle blocks. No real stress though, just enjoying the stitching every single time it ends up in my lap. That's easy to accomplish when the pattern is kept super simple and the marking to a minimum....

Linking up with 6and6in2018-October for the progress on the Melon Patch blocks, but not much else from that list!


  1. is raining hard here, so I am taking the chocolate to work...on my hips, maybe...but hopefully in a bag! Love your yellow is a yellow quilt to me, which I love.

  2. raining too hard here for trick or treat - Aniya's mother brought her here straight after school in between bad storms then headed to the library for Melanie's children's department party and then who knows where. I'm glad I do not get much candy as we always eat it.
    Sorry about the funerals - but with funerals bring family reunions and if there is a good thing about that it is that it brings all the family together to share the memories and sometimes you hear stories you never heard before!

  3. Raining here this Halloween night, though we're too far out in the country to ever have trick or treaters. We have been to more funerals in the past couple years than I can count, but it is always the ones of a life well lived that stay in our memories. Just last year we attended the funeral of a man in his late 80s who obviously lived that life, his many sons got together and built his casket, a plain but beautiful pine, and the 30 or so great and great-great grandchildren had a chance at the end of his service to write a message to him on the casket. It was a simply beautiful send-off. Those melon patch blocks are coming along wonderfully!

  4. Those life moments and time together are so important. Squeezing in a stitch or two can give you a moment to pause and think. We need to do that more often.

  5. Love the dried flowers! And your yellow quilt might not be named "the yellow quilt" but it's a beauty.
    Halloween here was beautiful for the first time in years. No coats, boots, hats, mittens or wet feet.
    It's sad, too, that we keep in touch with family over caskets and cake but sometimes that's just how it has to be when families are so far flung.

  6. I'll take your quilty eye candy over a whole bowl of trick or treat candy any day! You are working on some yummy stuff there.

  7. I agree it's sad that it takes a funeral but thankfully it is one of the highlights. I think as humans we could do so much better, but by the time we figure it out, it can be too late. Seems sad! Love your dried flowers looking forward to what will become of them.

  8. Seems to me you've got your take on life pretty well sorted, and if the busy times encourage you to stitch, that's an extra win.

  9. Interesting how a funeral brings family back together. It makes sense when we see the whole event as a celebration of all our lives. I'm glad you had the opportunity to connect with your distant family. It roots us.
    Talking about the busyness of our lives when we are in this intergenerational period of having children and parents that all draw our attention strikes a bell here. Wise words telling us we can choose. Sometimes it's just too much, and good to have our stitching to retreat to. Enjoy your downtime, and the joy that family brings.

  10. Being busy often fuels my creativity. I work well under self imposed deadlines. I wholeheartedly agree that although quilting time is very important, family time is essential. I'm sorry you have had so many losses this year. I've been very fortunate to have a year of new life (new grandson, grandnieces and nephews) and I wish the same for you in the coming year. Your hand quilting has so much texture. I love the Quarter Circles. And, those Dried Flowers are still calling to me!

  11. Always good to see more of your Dried Flowers on the design wall! Sorry to read of the funerals ahead of you, and yes, sometimes it seems that we have not one loss during the year but two or three. I find solace at these times in my quilting.

  12. Was sorry to read that it was a funeral that brought you all together, but how lovely to catch up and share memories and laughter again. You have two very very interesting quilts to me nay way going on at the moment. Your melons intrigue me, and your cheddar quilt is wonderful what a beauty it is going to be. Love the pattern and colours you used. Both patterns are new to me? Thanks for sharing and hope the merry-go-round slows down soon so you can hop off for a while AudreyLOL Cheers Glenda

  13. Love those greens you are using for the Dried Flowers. Not matchy matchy and some interesting prints.


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