Monday, April 4, 2016

A Giveaway Winner and a Little Bit of Hand Work

It's time to announce the winner of a very successful Giveaway! Lori Smanski, you are the winner of Scrap Secrets! Yay! I'll be sending out an email shortly so I can get your contact information. Lots of interesting comments about what or what might not make up a 'scrap' quilt to a specific individual!
Getting closer to having the border finished!
I've been sewing circles onto my gold and pink improv. quilt now for days. I must really, really like circles because there are 96 of them to stitch before all the flowers are complete! It's making me a bit dizzy.*wink
A quick re-do
And I had to take all the green leaves off of my Citrus Squeeze quilt {will have to be renaming this one eventually}. Thankfully they weren't stitched yet. I had a common issue that needed to be resolved. After getting all the leaves pinned onto the quilt I decided that they really needed to be the size they are with the seam allowance not yet stitched down. Have you ever done that? Believe me, it happens ALL the time around here. Sometimes a couple times in a row. And now you why I have an overflowing applique parts and pieces totes.....


  1. Uh oh! Well, I guess a leaf is easily re-purposed on the next quilt. I love the tulips. Do you think of your applique style as improv? I think it would be accurate, and maybe why it has so much life. Onwards!

  2. Both projects are looking wonderful! Enough bits and pieces for another quilt?

  3. Oh thank goodness someone else makes goofs like me! Still it's only fabric, no one died I keep telling myself. Maybe the next quilt along could be all the misshapen blocks and cutting errors we have made.....actually no I think I toss mine out because I get very cranky when that happens. Your finished projects are beautiful, it doesn't matter how we get there.

  4. Congrats to Lori! What a lucky girl. Sorry about your leaves. I'm sure you will find a new home for them. Good work on the circles.

  5. Oh my - you have reminded me that I have a bag of leaves I cut for a quilt, then decided I didn't like the fabric ......

  6. LOL at first I thought it was my eyes but you did a focal zoom or something to your photo. Sorry about the leaves, ouch!

  7. Do all your reject bits add up to a quilt? Both of these are looking good and I love the circles on your improv quilt - and your application in sewing 96!


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