Monday, April 16, 2012

Does it Look Homemade to the Average Teenager?

Occasionally I do something other than sew on quilty items.  I have two daughters who are growing and constantly getting longer legs.  We are church going people and thus our daughters (and I) are continuously on the look-out for attractive, yet modest skirts and/or dresses.  These are my two latest 'fixes'.  
Simple muslin & lace add-on
The one-fat-quarter ruffle addition
By modest I mean to the top of the knees?  It's shouldn't be that difficult because like I've mentioned before, we are not TALL.  Anyway, I've slowly started attacking the problem from the insides of my quilting room, sacrificing my fat quarters and stash whenever needed.  My daughters only requirement is that my 'fixes' do not look home-made and I don't get carried away and add on extra inches.*wink  Believe me, I'm trying!  I'm sure sewists world-wide would recognize the homemade factor, but the average teenager?  Not so much....

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