About Me

I'm Audrey.  A happily married mom of four kids. Starting into that grandma phase which is already loads more fun than raising kids! Really, really crazy about quilting. And yes, I'd rather quilt than breathe into paper bags with my head down between my knees worrying and fretting over things I can't control. Like life. lol

I love quilts--all kinds, but the ones that truly melt my heart are always kind of scrappy, whimsical and not exactly perfect. They exude a crazy kind of charm to me--the gift of the human touch perhaps?  Antique quilts are still my favorite form of inspiration but I happily follow all kinds of quilting blogs including those with styles very different from my own.

Most of my quilts are hand quilted in a 17"x17" hand held q-snap frame. I love that soft, crinkly goodness that embeds itself directly into the seams and produces amazing texture. I look forward to my time spent with the hoop and I'm pretty it makes me a nicer person all the way around. The problem seems to be that I can finish a quilt top much faster than I can hand quilt one to completion! This makes my backlog of quilt tops grow by leaps and bounds, but I've found there is something very interesting about the influence of older quilts to newer ones {and vise versa} as I continually have both in some sort of progress. And I don't want to ever give up hand quilting, slow though it is. It feels like part of my voice after all of these quilty years.

Mostly I make for myself, but sometimes a quilt decides to go live with someone else and that just makes me sad. But only for a little while as I do enjoy seeing my quilts get well used and appreciated. And the times that we get to revisit those quilts in someone else's home is a gift in itself. Every home needs a good quilt or two {or ten?}. It feels good to be a part of that.

 I often have several quilt projects going on at the same time because it seems to be more efficient {long term} when I'm working on different phases of quilts all at the same time. There are days when I'm in the mood to chain piece but other days when all I want to do is play with the fabric or maybe do some hand stitching. It all seems to work/flow most of the time, so I don't get too stressed about the number of ufo's taking up space in the quilt room. I also seem to have a thing for simple applique that stacks up faster than I can blink. Applique makes my motor run, that's really the best way to describe how I feel about it. It's just that fabulous. I try to make sure the volume of applique projects doesn't get too overwhelming, but it feels like a losing battle, that one. You can contact me at: audkateaster at gmail dot com if you need to chat with me about something quilty related. I sure do like to talk quilts!