Thursday, March 2, 2023

Progress on Several Fronts!

It was a good week for quilting around here. The #AHIQTulipQal quilt is finished being hand quilted and the first phase of binding is already sewn down. I didn't expect to like the wavy stitching in the outside border so much. Just has adds a bit of whimsy that funnily enough, makes me like the quilt better!

Binding all ready for hand stitching
The next quilt in the hoop is 'Ormes Inspired', an impulse quilt started clear back in 2019. Most of the work was completed in the early days of the Covid lockdowns and finally, the bulk of the quilt top was finished up by May of 2020. Later on, I went ahead and added the word at the bottom of the quilt and that was that!

Ormes Inspired getting sandwiched and pinned
This was probably the trickiest all over applique that I had ever attempted to do for a quilt. It still boggles my mind that most of the placement was done by eyeballing positions and sort of working backward from large motifs to much smaller ones. When I go out on a wing and a prayer with the quilting efforts, I just don't know when to quit! Oh well. Look where I ended up! On a totally different note, this was supposed to be my January quilt in-the-hoop and thankfully, it has been sandwiched and pinned since sometime in early December! 

Almost ready for the hoop...
One of the things that I really wanted to get accomplished in the past week was to work on the 25-patch HST quilt. I was crossing my fingers to get to 'completed quilt top stage', but count myself fortunate to at least see progress in a serious way. This picture below is a stack of all the completed blocks. They are trimmed to size and nicely stacked into rows according to the layout that was deemed appropriate one late, late evening

A little nerve-wracking to be working on a quilting project so late in the day as occasionally my judgement does gets a bit impaired. There comes a point in most all layout auditioning sessions where we are just DONE with all the what-ifs and what abouts. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean! There's something here in this particular layout that is still bugging me but not enough for a do over. For now I will sew it together and just wait to see if or where things might have went sideways. It's not like it's a precious quilt with tons of hours wrapped up in the decision making or stitching. Who knows? It might just end up being a quilt backing some day. 

Getting ready for sewing
A couple more applique blocks finished up with the Herbs and Berries quilt. I'm still really enjoying the laid back feel of these blocks. And since auditioning seems to be in the cards this past week, I went ahead and rearranged the blocks on the wall to make way for potential sashing. Because this quilt was always meant to have sashing and I wouldn't dare try and cheat it out of what it expects!

Auditioning for Herbs and Berries
Another thing that caught my attention almost immediately since getting back into the quilting room on a regular basis? This orphan block project {plus fabric pull} from almost a year ago. There has been the odd, random moment of trying to gain traction, but somehow it never amounted to anything solid. So easy to  just give up and walk away rather than feel like I was beating my head against a brick wall.

Hourglass Improv.
The thing is, I have this idea that will NOT go away. It haunts me. There's a longing here that feels kind of important though the entire project itself has felt overwhelming. Or totally underwhelming? Boring at times. Or maybe just a hair above my creativity level? And I'm so tired of that particular mental block. What a waste of time and energy to go there and think things like that. Uggh. 'I'm not good enough.' Seriously, what's the harm of trying? 

So here I go, mentally picturing something about making an 'intentional' background piece and then perhaps absolutely going over the top with a big 'ol applique design. Nothing formal of course. There needs to be lots and lots of glorious imperfection in order for me to properly connect with the flow. If there ever actually ends up being one. Somehow I rather suspect that part will come fairly rapidly if the irritating background would ever get busy and properly manifest itself!

Here's the latest plan. Instead of trying to put the smaller abandoned hourglass units together first, {as seems perfectly logical but wasn't getting anywhere in almost a year}, I will now switch to making these slightly larger hourglass units first. A small but important change that looky, looky! is translating into sewn units and good things happening!! Then.... I will most likely try to puzzle piece the new units with the smaller ones until there ends up being a largish, potential background piece. I may have to make more hourglass units than what are currently cut out. No way of knowing how many will be needed! And this process will probably include having to incorporate various pieces of gray, beige or white/cream fabric into the layout as well. Hey, whatever gets the project moving forward, right?


  1. well that is an unusual quilt with the elephant on it. How ever did you think to add one? I don't think it would have popped into my head to put an elephant on it and it looks perfect

  2. Hello Audrey, good progress, congratulations on finishing the hand quilting on your Tulips quilt.
    Do your hands ever ache and cramp after a lot of hand quilting? mine do and it is a little discouraging. Or do I need to just work through that?
    Your Ormes quilt design is superb and very happy!

  3. Hi Audrey, I always enjoy visiting you and hearing your comments as you work out the various elements of your wonderful projects. Also your quilting stitches are beautiful...I looked at your photo close up like I do with all your photos. You have a marvelous mind for creating beauty from fabric, my dear!

  4. Yep, I bet once you begin with the larger hourglass blocks, the momentum will take over and you'll have the background done in a jiffy. I love-love-love that elephant quilt!

  5. Well, I don't know why but I'm unable to comment with my Google account. That previous "Anonymous" comment is me, Paulette at The Way I Sew It. :)

  6. The wavy stitching in the border on that first quilt really is charming. You have a lot of projects going on. The sashing will look great for your baskets! Good luck "puzzle piecing" your background - I'm sure it will be fabulous in the end!

  7. Oh my goodness, I still LOVE Ormes as much as I did when you shared it before. And your string pieced tulips are looking marvelous from the portion that you shared. So happy to see you back in the studio (and to find your blog posts).

  8. The quilting in the border really accents the the center. Such a nice touch. I still love the Ormes quilt. It is one of those quilts I wish I had made. The reverse/silhouette of some of the green plants is my favorite part of the quilt. I pieced together a low volume background for my snowflake quilt years ago. It's from a AP&Q pattern called Oklahoma Twister. I'll email you a picture if you're interested. Enjoyed my visit like usual.

  9. Looks like you're back into the quilting saddle Audrey, so pleased to see.
    There is such a lot of applique on the Omes quilt, that would have kept you busy stitching, congratulations on the Tulip quilt finish - almost finished with just the binding to go on.

  10. If you have an idea niggling away, go for it. You are TOTALLY good enough!

  11. I love your Ormes quilt!

  12. So many projects! I have more than I admit, but don’t keep them as organized as you. How do you move in your sewing room? Do you put projects in boxes or hang them? I have a large box for projects but often tuck some in smaller boxes that then get pushed into a dark area and forgotten.
    Like everyone else, I love your Ormes quilt and am glad it’s in the quilting stage. Ann at Fret Not


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