Tuesday, October 26, 2021

One of the Baby Quilts is Finished!

This baby quilt was finished up right before I left town to spend time at my oldest sons in Oregon. Though it wasn't gifted until I returned home, it felt really good to attach the label and check it off the list.

Baby quilt finished up!
It has a sort of busy, young vibe to it, so hopefully will grow well with baby. My baby quilts usually end up somewhere around 42-44 inches wide and 46 plus inches long. Plenty of quilt to be used in a toddler bed.

My little brother has gotten more baby quilts from me.....
The long sashing strips are machine stitched in-the-ditch on either side and also around the peachy horizontal strips. Everywhere else is hand quilted very simply with #8 or #12 perle cotton. It's getting so very, very difficult for me to not add hand quilting somewhere. It just feels wrong! So you know me. I don't even bother fighting it. What's another couple hours with the hoop? hehe

Loving the texture
I passed this quilt off on the Sunday after returning home and the smile I received in return was sweet and perfect. Baby #5 gets to have a little something handmade from her A. Audrey and I know that means something to my sister-in-law. It's never worthwhile when it starts feel expected and unappreciated, right?

Just had to add the lime green, couldn't resist
In a nod to the fact that it was supposed to be for 'baby', I went ahead and used an old retro looking kitty cat fabric for the binding. As I've mentioned before, conversation prints look cute and all, but they just don't feel easy to work with. Most of the time I leave them behind in the store and think wistfully about how much easier to must be if only I could wrap my mind around the concept! 

A little bit of whimsy
I ended up being gone eleven days I think, arriving at my sons house the day before their newest daughter was born! Between the other grandma {who came and went everyday}, we kept our kids and granddaughters well taken care of. Lest you think we pushed ourselves onto them, we didn't. I would never have stayed so long without a genuine invitation of 'help'!

My precious granddaughters!
Getting a kindergartener off to school and picked up from the bus stop everyday, keeping up with the housework, plus chasing around a very active two year old is a lot of work for the grandmas, much less a recovering mama! Dad just switched jobs a couple months ago, so didn't have much time available to take off.

Miss Eleanor Olivia {Ellie}
I would say it was a hardship, but in reality, it was lovely getting so much hands on time with all my granddaughters. I hate that we can't see them more often. What a joy to snuggle a brand new baby, see a little girl getting ready for soccer practice with her daddy, watch the 2 year old slowly figure out that this grandma is completely wrapped around her little finger! So hard to say no to those sweet little faces! Also, our youngest son moved down to the same area about a month ago, so it was great to check in with him and see that he's doing well too.*sigh  Why can't they be happy living in the back of beyond like us?  Oh well. That's the way we were too. Couldn't wait to move away to a more populated area when we were younger! Super nice to back home though, as nothing is ever quite as good as home sweet home...

All the applique finished up and the blocks squared up!
As you can imagine, there was very little time for quilting. Once in a great while I managed to stitch some of the brown curved strips onto Crazy Daisy. This part actually went very fast and though I mostly stitched in terrible lighting {dim lights while the adults were watching tv}, I don't think any of it is so terrible as to justify ripping out. After I got home and got caught up on the laundry, I finished all the rest in a hurry and stuck a few blocks up on the wall. I played with a couple potential setting triangle fabrics, but my heart wasn't in it. All that will have to wait until the sashing is settled.

Online shopping just doesn't seem to work
out for me...
If you look at the picture above, the fabric on the left is the fabric that I went ahead and ordered for the sashing. The colors seemed perfect to me, so why fiddle around? In what now seems super ironic, the fabric that I ordered came in a much different look than the original fabric, very muted in contrast. Both numbers on the fabric were identical so I figured it must be a batch {dye} discrepancy. So I ordered another yard of the same fabric from a totally different store. Uh huh. Same issue. Which is why I so rarely try to buy the 'perfect' fabric on line. This never works out well for me and so once again, I have retreated to make-do, make-it-work with what you have method. All the strips for the new sashing are now cut out and read to go, all from the stash, which is what I should have done originally!

The start of a new baby quilt
So glad I didn't get started on the baby quilt for my new granddaughter before I left! This quilt should be a lot easier to put together now that I have a better idea what the nursery theme will be. I've cut out parts for simple 'wrench' blocks with the darker greens as the background. Hopefully they will go quickly and then I can lighten the vibe as things progress toward a border. 

My quilting attention is unfortunately a bit spotty since I've been home. Doesn't take much to get out of the routine does it? I'm finally starting to do some hand quilting in the evenings and remind my fingers what a quilting callous is. Surprise! {not really}, after a short break I am enjoying the hoop even more than before. Nope. Not giving up the hand quilting anytime soon....

Thankfully, before I left town, all the mending was finished up in a flurry and now that's one thing out of the way and off the counters in the quilting room. Did you think I never had any? If you are short like I am, barely 5'2", and tired of stepping on your jean hems? This tutorial worked well. I mean, like, amazing well! Someone told me about this method of hemming years ago and honestly, I just didn't think it could possibly turn out very nice looking. So I nodded at all the right moments and then promptly ignored their advice. I have been putting off hemming several pairs of jeans and finally, had no choice but to hem something, destroy my hems, or buy new. Yeah, right.

My old method of cutting off the bottoms of the jeans and turning under a couple times worked to shorten the jeans, but never looked as sharp without the original distressing and commercial thread used. After this hemming session, I did go back and do the extra hand stitching {mentioned at the end of the video} on a couple pairs of jeans, just so the hem doesn't flip up during washing. On one darker pair of jeans, I added an {almost invisible} extra, stabilizing top stitch, which... yeah, I can already tell was probably needed. Okay, why am I so excited about this? I have five pair of jeans now that fall exactly where I want them to at the top of my shoes? I'm not stepping on them. And the hem doesn't look obviously 'hand mended'. Do you know how rare that is for us short people? So tempted to go back and hem a couple of my older jeans as well, but I probably won't. I'd much rather be quilting!


  1. Love the double line quilting in the sashing of the baby quilt. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your granddaughters.

  2. I love that baby quilt! and the new applique that you show looks great too - that is so great that you got to help with the new baby and see the other grands as well and help out so much and the other gran was able to also is a double plus. I do not have the problem with jeans as you do as I am taller but I remember when I was a teen that pants were not made as long as they are now and most pants were too short - I was taking hems down and adding designs as the bottom to make them longer - thankfully this was late 60's and the ribbons and odd ball pants were in style - you could cut the bottom of a jean leg off of one pair and add it to the other with embroidery peace signs and what not on it. Thankfully they started to make pants longer and now I'm beginning to shrink and do not have the problem at all!

  3. Congratulations on welcoming a new grand daughter (love her name!) to add to your adorable bunch. What a blessing to be able to spend that time helping. The baby quilt is so pretty. Hurray for hemming success! I have to relearn the process every time I hem something.

  4. I remember how much angst was involved in that baby quilt's making - it turned out splendidly! Hooray for the healthy new baby girl - congratulations to all. And super-hooray for shopping the stash!!!!!!!

  5. The baby quilt came out so cute! I love the colors you use, so unique. I wish I had better color sense. The lime green? Wow! What a pop of color. Love it. And congratulations on little Ellie! She's precious. Your grands are adorable and I'm sure they loved being with you and their other grandmother - they must miss you now that you are home! I can't wait to see the newest baby quilt, the colors are beautiful... Jan in MA

  6. The baby quilt details are super. I like the binding. The softness of hand quilting is undeniable. Such a sweet new baby and happy big sisters. Precious time with the grands. I like that lazy daisy and the scrappy wonderfulness. Nice blog write up. Hey even though I am tall I watched the tutorial for times when I have to alter other's clothes, and it looks great. New to me.

  7. Great finish! The baby quilt looks so cozy and friendly.
    Your grand daughters are super adorable! Congratulations on the newest darling.
    I live with my granddaughter, son and daughter in law, and yes, I know how busy life gets.
    Life is an adventure isn't it?

  8. This sweet baby quilt finish is only outshown by the joy of the grandma's face as she gathers her precious grand babies in her arms!

  9. Congratulations on your newest granddaughter. I'm glad you were there to share the excitement. To funny that you had the perfect sashing in your stash, but now you have a couple of new pieces to work with.

  10. Congrats on your newest little arrival. Being able to help in those first few days is a very special time, for you all. And your latest baby quilt is delightful, love the pop of lime!

  11. I too have to hem up pants, myself and for hubby, will try that method. I prefer elastic waist pants and wearied of the crotch being so low, so normally I would turn over the waist and add more elastic since I am endowed with a big butt and also am tired of the back dragging down. My current pair I cannot do that since the side seam pocket on one side is already tight for my hand. I will try this. So sorry your purchased fabric via internet was a flop. But now you have more in your stash to play with. I'm sure you will find a place to use it.

  12. What a lovely pink baby quilt and especially the granddaughters! And thanks for the info about shortening jeans. I too have seen this somewhere and never used it, but will have to try it. I so enjoy your blog and seeing what you create and your approach to making a quilt.

  13. Love the finished baby quilt. Interesting way to hem pants, have to try that one out. Thank you for the link.

  14. Aren't we lucky to be able to spend time with our grandchildren. What a lovely photo of you with three of yours! Plus a photo of darling Ellie.
    The baby quilt is lovely. It looks so soft - probably because of the hand quilting.
    And more quilts lined up. Yay for you. The daisy applique looks great. I have the same problem purchasing online. So many issues with color and the hand of the fabric. I try to purchase from local stores since I want to keep them open. Although they won't make it on my purchases.
    Sending my best to you and yours.

  15. You are so lucky to have spent this time with your family and how special to be there right from the start of a new life. I love the baby quilt, that combination of peachy tones with stronger colours to keep it from being too overwhelmingly sweet, seems just right.

  16. Such a sweet baby quilt Audrey! Wonderful that you were able to go along to spend time with the family and lend a hand, lovely that you could catch up the grandchildren, all beautiful but what about little Ellie now, she's a honey. Those Crazy Daisy blocks are so cheerful looking, I shall be looking forward to seeing your decision on fabric for the setting triangles.

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