Friday, March 12, 2021

It Doesn't Feel Like Much

Got a busy weekend ahead so I wanted to throw some progress pics at you before things spiral out of control. It doesn't feel like much, but every bit of prep is another step forward! First up is the HST Medallion quilt, all quilted, first phase of binding sewn on and ready for the hand work. Woohoo! I didn't get it out of the hoop by the end of February like I hoped, but let me tell you, my fingers were burning up trying to finish things up!

HST Medallion ready for binding stitching

Next up in the hoop is the Scrapbin Improv. quilt, otherwise known as Wing and a Prayer. It's exactly what the name implies, a lot of scrappy scraps coming together in an earnest appeal for it to mesh and look right.

Wing and a Prayer

It most definitely appeals to me! And it's exactly what I need in the hoop right now. Having so much fun stitching on this quilt after the monstrosity that took up the past six weeks or so!

Loving having this one in the hoop!

Once I put my mind to it, the last border of Rhi's dress quilt came together relatively quickly. Simple, minimal and understated was what I was thinking, and of course, using up as much of the sunflower fabric as possible. 

The last border

I tried to add in several other small cut-off bits of the floral fabric, but it just made things look really busy. The bright floral yellow on the bottom was extremely hard to cut into. Been saving that for something special for a very long time. Then I thought, if my daughters quilt isn't special, what is? I am loving the black and white drawing-like motifs in this sunflower fabric though. Isn't it gorgeous? There's just something about it that melts me!

Such a good idea to rescue this fabric!

The backing is already cut out and sewn together for when I'm ready to sandwich the quilt. Probably gonna happen sometime in May? Have to take a short break first and focus on some other finishes though! These Melon Patch petals {below} have been sewn into four rows now, all ready for the next phase of the quilt. This quilt just keeps changing its mind about what it wants and now I'm leaning quite heavily towards making it a wordy quilt, intermixed between the petal rows. Been looking at available fabrics and pondering deep thoughts. So ready to move this quilt off the current UFO list, but ahem! So many appliqued pieces, it's somehow morphed into three quilts by now. I know. All will be explained in due time....

Figured out that I only need 4 borders, not 5!!

So easy to get going on the applique prep for 4-block Tulip Medallion. I've only been thinking about it for years! This quilt is starting to feel like an old and very comfy friend. Everything that I do to it just settles in like it was always meant to be. Wish they were all that easy, but then I suppose things would get terribly boring!
Getting these borders ready for the flowers

And then there is the squirrel quilt. I don't know what there is about this particular quilt, but I just can't seem to stay away. It's not even the right colors for the season, nothing springy about this on at all!

How bout some more tulips?

I've played with some quick drawings and doodles for potential ideas for this one, and occasionally I've even drew in a bit of applique. I mean, we're talking about me and my specific brain waves. Applique might possibly be part of how I'm hardwired? Anyway, always, without fail, I toss those ideas and go back to the idea of a medallion quilt in increasingly larger sizes of hst units. NO APPLIQUE. And then this happened. Seriously. Do I look like I need more applique projects waiting on me right about now?


  1. Those tulips are absolutely perfect for the HST quilt top’s borders! Once again, a great post.

  2. Wow!!! The tulips make the quilt and I love the colors!

  3. I loved his post and seeing several of the wonderful quilts you are working on!! Each quilt so creative and unique in its own way. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your thought processes!

  4. Oh yes! You need to appliqué those gorgeous pink tulips around the hst’s!! It’s fabulous! Congrats on your big finish. So much wonderful stitching in this post to enjoy :0)

  5. Half Square Triangle Medallion heaven here, all your border variations are exciting!
    And yes to the pink tulip border, great idea and the inside HSTs in all their liberated glory is breath taking. Superb.

  6. I love HST Medallion, so lovely. And when I scrolled down and saw the new HST w/Tulips I just made a happy sigh---''oooooh!" and thought, "Perfection. Glorious. ❤❤❤❤." Spring pastels are so overrated, hahaha. It's a delight.

  7. So many fun projects on the go... the more the merrier, that's what I say! LOL I would love to quilt that improv project... so intriguing!

  8. Lots happening over at yours! Loving the latest border on your HST section! Those tulip colours simply glow against the darker fabric! Both improv quilts are looking amazing too.

  9. Rhi's quilt is really pretty and all the springy vibe you need. More than enough Spring for your squirrel quilt. Quilt on, my friend. It's all good!

  10. L-O-V-E how you mitered the corner on that heavily pieced quilt. Mind boggling! Love also your other projects!

  11. Yes, how about some more tulips. And, yeah! On finishing the quilting on you hst medallion. You are a turbo quilter.

  12. I can't believe how fast you quilted that amazingly challenging quilt. I'm glad you are putting the improv in the hoop next as I'm sure it will be a more relaxing one to quilt. Love your daughter's quilt. Just perfect!

  13. It may not feel like much but it looks like a lot from here. I like Rhi's quilt a lot, and the tulip additions to your cheddar hsts.

  14. Medallions are always a favorite but your Scrapbin quilt intrigues me. How you ever got it put together. And it looks great. The HSTs could be your tulip improv with that border but whether it is or not, it's fabulous.

  15. 😂😂😂 yep, you DO need more appliqué!! Loving how all the quilts are looking, particularly Rhi’s quilt and congrats on the finish!

  16. You are moving right along on so many projects!


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