Monday, October 21, 2019

What's on the Wall {and Floor} Today

Sometimes I don't even know where to start, how to walk you through to where my quilting is at this current moment. It's kinda a mess really, but hopefully more of a 'creative' mess than an ugly sort of mess that we'd all probably turn up our noses at. After getting two other projects up to completed quilt top stage, it seemed like a perfect time to dive head first into this U&U interpretation project.
The very beginning of the  Interpretation quilt
This fabric has been all stacked up and ready for play since August, but somehow the 'right time' never came along. It's one of those projects where I'm really excited to see how it works out, but kinda scared too. Interpretation is never as easy as it might seem! Finally the time came where I was ready, the project was ready and hallelujah! There was actually available hours in the day!!
Making things easy
It helps so much to have the fabric pre-selected, especially when the color palette is a bit outside of my normal comfort zone. Wading through all the stash totes for one specific color or shade can be a total time suck too. The pre-sort gives me options, value changes, and limitations too. Okay, here's the best choices. If all else fails, my fall back will definitely be scouring through the stash totes once again, but it would be great if I never have to.

I started everything with the larger floral rectangle, mostly because I was absolutely determined to put that piece of fabric into this specific quilt. It's got an old fashioned charm to it that is important to me as it pertains to 'shaping' the look and feel of the entire quilt. Does that make sense?  The size cut for that rectangle determines every other measurement from here on out. Can you believe that? Better make it right the first time, 'cuz that's almost all there is!
Will this work? Or that? 
Some areas are measured out, others are 'eye-balled'. There's a little bit of free-cutting and a lot of rotary cutting. Everything is cut out and placed based on proportion of what it rests directly next too. A little bit above or below? Wider? Longer? Though I adore the rambling, curvy, rough cut look of the original, it just wasn't going to work for me to work without any boundaries whatsoever. I am absolutely NOT a perfectionist anymore, but my quilts do need to lay flat and mostly square.
Always auditioning
Will it ruin the look and feel of the quilt if things are trimmed and tidied up? I am crossing my fingers it won't. Maybe crossing more than two fingers. I just don't know. That's just something you have to 'see' and that requires a little bit of effort first! I'm hoping the quilt will finish up somewhere in the range of a good sized lap quilt, but who knows. Though I tried to start with a reasonable estimate of 'if this column is 3" then that will make the quilt X amount of inches across', it's still just all guess work. Knowing me, it might need scrappy borders or something later on to finish out a decent size. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
The first big chunk of the quilt is done now
There was a certain point where I was spending way too much time thinking about how the original improv. piece came to be. Doesn't it look like someone upended their scrap basket and just started sewing? So of course that's exactly what I did! Ditched the current project and started in on yet another. Why not? It was definitely time for a break from the color palette if nothing else! After all the sorting that was done last summer, all the new scrap pieces have been thrown into a smaller basket. The idea being that eventually they too would be sorted and dumped into the 'proper' color totes. Uh huh.
Playing with the scrap bin
I happily spent one whole evening sorting out all the scraps that looked like they might play nicely together. Yes I did. And it was great fun! A few things were sewn together impulsively, but most of the time was spent ironing and sorting into similar size units. I don't have a clue where this project will end up, but it sure was great to imagine. How ironic that this one nights play would never have even taken place except for working on {and needing a break from} the Interpretation quilt! For now it's taking up important real estate on the floor, right where I normally walk through. I am determined not to clean things up until enough work is done on it that it will not be unceremoniously tossed back into the scrap bin basket. There's just something about this project that feels.... interesting? Worthwhile? Important?
All ready for binding!
And then there's the little fall table runner which was fun to sew on initially, but since has not fired me up at all. Last night saw me putting the last bit of hand stitching in and so now, it's ready for binding! Which is good because the gift date is rapidly approaching.
The start of the Autumnal Tulip block applique
And it might not look like much, but all thirty {yes, I said THIRTY} of the tulip block stems are sewn into place now. I keep getting derailed or I'm sure there would be many, many of the tulip flower parts stitched down as well. They are just that simple and straightforward. Oh well. It's all good times, I guess it doesn't really matter what gets the attention so long as my fingers are busy stitching...


  1. Yes, it's all good. One good thing leads to another. Enjoy your continual awesome journey.

  2. you are good at improv - if I try it I end up changing pieces constantly and then all over again! Sometimes I say I want to use one particular piece in a quilt and in the end it isn't in it! Looking forward to seeing where this quilt top goes with you

  3. Oh wow! I love how this one is going. Why is it so hard for me to do improv? I surely love it when you do it. Gotta dump out a basket and see what comes up! Thanks as always for the inspiration.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

  5. Wow that is a lot of beautiful projects in the works. I completely understand getting excited about a project while procrastinating from another project. Sometimes we just need a break.

  6. Love the autumn tulips! It feels good to keep fingers busy with stitching :0)

  7. I love your improv 'units'. That's how I like to think of improv, putting units together so they make an 'event'.
    Good progress with hand quilting! And I like your Autumn Tulips, beautiful applique.

  8. Love your interpretation of the U&U quilt. It's so carefree. I love to sort and press and store, it's cathartic somehow. Good finish on your table runner, just a binding and you'll meet your goal. AND, you can never have too many tulips (I need to remind myself).

  9. ooooh I like the scrappy goodness of that top project!!!

  10. So many delightful projects. I should start my U&U, too. I love that you pulled your fabric first. Such fun to work that floral piece into your quilt. And yes, I know how we run out of enthusiasm before the project ends.

  11. The first "big chunk" of your improv quilt is fabulous. I think it's neat that you started with that one old fashioned floral piece - prioritizing that.

  12. Loving the start on your 'uandu' quilt! I can see why you used that big chunk of floral, its a delightful place to start.

  13. About this project, I think all three words apply, interesting, worthwhile and important. It is already earning those words, and under your skillful hand will be as well beautiful, I'm sure.Thanks again for sharing your thoughts as you work through your process. Valuable stuff for us readers!

  14. I think thee are the best kinds of quilts to make! Not knowing where it is going or how it will turn out. It takes lots of guts! I am sure you will come up with something wonderful!

  15. The element of suprise having the bit larger floral print!


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