Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Snowmans and Slow Stitching

It's winding down to the last little details before Christmas. Still have four presents to wrap and some baking that will have to wait until tomorrow. Otherwise, we are so.... ready!
Still love the snowman my oldest daughter made in 2nd grade....
Every day I wake up to see that the kids have beat me to the little snowman counter. They do like to keep track, don't they? We had a rousing whole-household debate the other night about the 'correct' way to count how many days left until Christmas. There seems to be two completely different schools of thought when it comes to that particular theory. We are {ahem!} fiercely divided on which way is 'correct' or 'absolutely NOT correct' around here....
No matter how old the kids get, they still want to know!
Not that it matters. Christmas will get here when it does and as this momma likes to remind the children, they better be good no matter what or Maybe? presents will start mysteriously disappearing.... lol
You better be good!
Haven't had much snow so far this year, but it's been good for everyone in construction. And we do have a lot of that going on around here! I think the first stick built house {since the fire} was finally completed a week or so ago for a local burn-out victim. One of our (retired) town school teachers finally got to move back home! Very exciting news for everyone as our hearts continually go out to those so badly affected by this past, devastating summer. My parents are well on their way to getting their new home ready to move into as well. Because the details and finish work are painstaking slow compared to the rough building, it will still probably be March, but hey, every little bit of progress is precious.
Always enjoy the snowmen....
For an early Christmas, I received a very sweet little gift from my 'secret' pal in our church group. Just look at these little crafty snowmen! Love that there is six of them, the same amount as our little family! And so much personality!
The little family of snowmen...
And then of course, there is a bit of slow stitching going on around here. Isn't there always? Late in the evenings, I pull this beauty out of my quilting bag and get to stitching away. Ahhhhh..... As you can see I am finally working on the borders! I am marking my grid on the last section of the inside of the quilt and then the basic stitch lines for the border with a blue wash-out pen.
Finally to the border on Quarter Circles!
After that, I can stitch and stitch until my eyelids are drooping or my husband prods me to come to bed. I do love my stitching time though when the house settles down and everything gets nice and quiet, especially this time of year when the Christmas lights are twinkling over in the corner!
Loving the texture in this quilt!
I never really expected to get another quilt finished up this year, but I'm starting to see that it may not be out of the question! Anyway, Happy Holidays to each of my wonderful readers! May your Christmas be merry and bright!


  1. love your quilt and the snowmen! looks like you are ready for Christmas and so glad your parents will have a new home to move into in the spring - I hope next year is better for y'all then this one was

  2. Happy Holidays, Audrey! Your quilt is just soooooooo pretty, hope you will ale the time to enjoy the finishing stitches.
    ; )

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Audrey. I LOVE your hand quilting, looks stunning and so perfect for that quilt.

  4. Such cute snowmen decorations. And I LOVE Quarter Circles. Will miss seeing this one after you finish! Merry Christmas!

  5. What a nice post! I cannot wait to see that Quarter Circles quilt finished (no pressure there). It's one of my faves. I've got all my wrapping to do today, a bit of baking and a little sewing if I'm lucky . . . Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. I can just imagine you sitting and quilting by the tree. Everything looks great, and Merry Christmas to you all!

  7. The quilting is beautiful...merry merry christmas! :)

  8. The quilting looks great, Audrey. I love all my snowmen decorations too. They will stay up all winter. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hoping for. a better year for all there in 2015.

  9. Oh Audrey I do so love reading your blog. So glad to here your community is starting to recover from this past summer and your parents will have a new home in the spring.
    Have a wonderful blessed Christmas.

  10. Merry Christmas dear Audrey and extended family. Although the there has been trials and tears you are still together and able to argue the toss about countdown methods.....that is a strong family right there!! Xxxxxx.

  11. I am so glad it will be Christmas Day tomorrow and so a truce will be called on the Christmas count down! Such cute little snowmen! It is wondeful to hear that your community is rebuilding and recovering from the fire. Lovely quilting on your Quarter Circles quilt! I was wondering, you mentioned your quilting bag, what kind of bag do you have?

  12. Your quilt will be great, Merry Christmas to you Audrey and all your family!

  13. Lovely post, Audrey. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Merry Christmas Audrey. Wishing you a lovely Christmas Day with your family. Your quilt is looking wonderful!


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